Meet the team - Neil Fulcher

Neil in warehouse

What sets Borg & Overström apart from the competition, and helps to make our products unique, is our strong sense of culture. We know that the success of our products and our business relies wholeheartedly on the people at the centre of our organisation.

It’s safe to say we are pretty proud of each person within the Borg & Overström team. Their unique skills and personalities are what help us to achieve above and beyond, and also what makes working here so much fun.

New and improved Borg & Overström b2

Launching - New and improved Borg & Overström b2

Borg & Overström are proud to announce that our new facelifted b2 dispenser will be launched in August 2016: we’re currently taking pre-orders for despatch.

This dispenser boasts exactly the same simple, reliable functionality as our existing model, but has been redesigned with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

It’s true to our Nordic visual feel, while referencing a streamlined Italian design influence.

Borg & Overström Award - Team member of the quarter

Meet Alan Cruddas - Our Star Team Player

We’re proud to congratulate this month’s Team Members of the Quarter! April - June 2015

Alan Cruddas has won the overall employee of the quarter award, with his cheerful attitude and his impressive work ethic. When under pressure with other team members having time off, Alan has more than made up for this and even managed to set some team records for despatch.  He’s willing to go the extra mile and cooperative in working with others, keeping cool even when working long hours.

Kharanda Primary School - a new source of safe, clean water


Borg & Overström are very pleased to announce that we’ve had an update from Kharanda Primary School in western Kenya, who are one of the beneficiaries of our charity giving programme.

Kharanda Primary School caters for about 600 children. It was originally founded in 1974 and has educated many people since then, making a real difference in the lives of the local people, helping them to get ahead and to progress the community.


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