Five ways a b5 will upgrade your workplace

b5 Water cooler

We are proud of our water dispensers, and we love them all for different reasons, from the classic reliability of the b2, to the sleek discreetness of the u1. Today, we’re going to be discussing our most beautiful product, the b5. We’re covering the five ways that the b5 will upgrade your office.


1.Design perfection

New and improved Borg & Overström b2

Launching - New and improved Borg & Overström b2

Borg & Overström are proud to announce that our new facelifted b2 dispenser will be launched in August 2016: we’re currently taking pre-orders for despatch.

This dispenser boasts exactly the same simple, reliable functionality as our existing model, but has been redesigned with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

It’s true to our Nordic visual feel, while referencing a streamlined Italian design influence.

The Beauty in the Detail

Ever visited a client’s premises a couple of months after completion, and felt that wave of pride at seeing anew your beautiful creation?  The landscaping still lush and trim, light streaming through still-crystal clean windows, the air perfumed with the faintest whiff of newness.

Then you see it. Squatting against the wall, the floor surrounding it spattered with drips: the water cooler. An ugly white plastic box with faded red and blue levers, its plastic flex snaking across the floor to the nearest socket.

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