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Enabling talent to shine

We create the finest drinking water dispensers. Because we believe that providing pure filtered water, just where it’s needed, helps every individual to give their best.

Pure refreshment.
Crystal clear thinking.


People choose water from our dispensing systems. Not just for its superior taste, but for its purity.

Our focus is on putting the finest filtered water at people’s sides. Easily accessible, beautiful to drink, and significantly boosting personal performance. But never adding more plastic to world waste.

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Innovative technology on tap

Pure filtered water is our end goal. We continually advance dispensing beyond conventional office water coolers.

In every detail, we challenge mediocrity. Because the finest water should be dispensed in style.

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Distinctive by design

Our appliances find their home in elevated environments. In places where big things happen.

Leading change

We constantly push boundaries in the field of water dispensing. From the longer-lasting Deep Sparkle® of our sparkling water machines, to the exceptional hygiene of our Totality® methodology, innovation underpins every one of our appliances.

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Promoting wellbeing

As the link between personal wellbeing and collective success becomes increasingly apparent, we emphasise the importance of positive hydration. Our goal is to put a glass of fine filtered water within easy reach, whenever it’s needed.

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Protecting the planet

The natural environment is the source of pure water and we believe that it should be protected. We reduce plastic waste with dispensers that enable use of refillable cups, and our supply of biodegradable cups as a plastic alternative.

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Borg & Overström water cooler dispensers offer lifestyle enhancement, providing the finest refreshment in style.

Align yourself with an innovative and inspiring brand story.

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