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Claim your six premium swing-top bottles, courtesy of Borg & Overström

Until the end of the year, Borg & Overström will be giving away six premium glass bottles with every U1 or U2 purchase, to ensure that you get the most out of your new appliance.

These furnace-fired swing-top Bottles offer a stylish and environmentally-friendly way to keep busy people hydrated. Borg & Overström bottles are dishwasher/bottlewasher safe and add distinction to the boardroom table, corporate dining environment, or refreshment provision at corporate events and exhibitions.

Formed from premium quality glass, these ergonomically designed bottles embody the craftmanship and usability you’d expect from Borg & Overström. The durable swing-top stopper seals are perfectly moulded to preserve the flavour of your pure filtered water, and the practical design provides a refined way to deliver water to your guests, customers or colleagues.

Swing-top bottles offer many attractive opportunities. They can be branded with your company’s identity for a distinctively premium feel and will also help you to meet your company’s environmental goals. Earthwatch reports that 5.5 billion plastic bottles are thrown away each year [Plastic Rivers Report] – by choosing swing-top water bottles, your company will make a meaningful contribution to the global effort to reduce plastic use.


Borg & Overström bottles are the perfect complements to our distinctive U1 and U2 dispenser tap systems, transporting the pure filtered water to where it’s wanted, in style.

Our time-limited offer comprises six complementary 500ml bottles with our countertop U1 model and six 750ml bottles with our striking U2 model. Speak to a distributor today to order your U1 or U2 and to receive your six free swing-top glass bottles.

Bring the finest water to your table with Borg & Overström glassware.

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