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Fortschrittliches Design der Spitzenklasse


A design like no other

The B5 range straddles the line between high-end functionality and ultra-modern design. The unique streamlined design of this range will bring sophistication to any environment.

Illuminated dispense area

The B5 model is optimised to be the perfect height for interaction and the illuminated dispense area is both stylish and convenient to use. The ultra-modern instant hot water dispenser evokes sophistication in any environment, from healthcare to the corporate HQ.

Shrouded faucet for hygienic protection

The B5 is complemented by a shrouded faucet, designed to provide enhanced hygiene as the water is dispensed. The water machine’s impressive cleanliness can be further enhanced by adding the optional Viovandt™ ultra-violet sterilising system.

Compact, alarmed drainage system

This eye-catching instant boiling water tap offers complete reassurance with its compact and alarmed drainage system. The B5 sparkling water machine is built to perform elegantly and efficiently, providing ultra-reliable refreshment without the worry.

Built-in leak detector

The built-in detection system provides the reassurance that the surrounding environment around the water cooler is protected. In the unlikely event of a leak developing, the detection system identifies moisture and shuts off the water supply.

Totality® ist unsere einzigartige Methode um zu gewährleisten, dass unsere Geräte den höchsten Hygienestandards genügen.

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  • Gekühlte Temperatur

    2° C
    Max. 11° C

  • Heiße Temperatur

    92° C
    Minimum 80° C

  • Gekühlt & Gesprudelt

    35 l/h
    Liter pro Stunde

  • Heißwasser

    6 l/h
    Liter pro Stunde

  • Ausgabehöhe


  • Standmodell

    B 520 x T 415 x H 1310 mm
    Wassersystem – Direct-Chill

    Ausgabeoptionen Wassersystem Max. Stromverbrauch Silber
    Gekühlt & Raumtemperatur Direct-Chill 100 W 101521View
    Gekühlt, Raumtemperatur & Gesprudelt Direct-Chill 140 W 101535View
    Gekühlt, Raumtemperatur & Heiß Direct-Chill 900 W 101541View
    Gekühlt, Heiß & Gesprudelt Direct-Chill 940 W 101555View

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