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5 steps to stay ahead of the curve in the water industry

In this everchanging modern world, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve within your industry. Trends change rapidly, and unpredictable current affairs and events can make the waters very choppy indeed. However, it has never been more important to raise your awareness, enabling you to react and adapt to changing customer needs, and truly raise your organisation to the status of ‘industry leader’. 

This week, we’re bringing you our top five tips to help you keep your finger to the pulse of the water industry.


1. Check relevant journals and magazines


We’re all busy people, and as much as we’d like to, we don’t always have the time to hunt down relevant information and studies relating to our industry. Journals and publications do this legwork for us, gathering information from various relevant sources, and compressing and compiling it into an easily consumed publication.

There are various journals and publications within the water industry, including The Institute of Water Journal, Water Resources and Industry, Water Industry Journal, and Water Industry and Technologies.


2. Add thought leadership websites to your favourites


The average person spends 28% of their total internet time on social media. That’s 28% of their internet time flicking though memes, checking up on people you haven’t seen for decades, and reading Donald Trump’s terrible tweets. Why not use this time more productively, and hunt out some thought leadership websites? Whilst there are some great water related thought leadership blogs and websites (we’re looking at The Watercooler Today, Water Briefing,  and Water UK), it’s always worth keeping track of more general business thought leadership blogs, such as All Things Workplace, Daniel H Pink, and The Chief Happiness Officer.


3. Constant education


As the famous saying goes, ‘Education, Education, Education’! The only way we truly grow, both as businesses, and as professionals, is by continually evolving and expanding via constant education. Enrol in webinars, attend lectures, learn as much as possible. Here at Borg & Overstrom, we offer a specialised academy, that offers you the opportunity to hone your skills, and broaden your mind.


4. Make the right connections, and maintain them!


All too often, we view the others within our industry as mere competitors, as opposed to allies and resources. Reach out and bridge the gap, get to know the others within your industry, share events, social occasions, and insight. You’ll be surprised by how much all parties benefit from this friendship.


5. Attend the right events


Most industry professionals know, that the key announcements and insights occur at big industry events. Attending a conference or exhibition allows you to get to know your peers within the industry, as well as meeting your customers, and understanding what makes them excited about your products. If you keep your finger on the pulse of the water industry, you won’t be missing out on the chance to attend the Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 exhibition! This exciting event will be providing you with the latest solutions and innovations, allowing you to gain knowledge, make connections, and learn about the newest products and services before your competitors. This year, Borg & Overstrom are delighted to offer our partners and customers with exclusive complimentary tickets to the event, which you can select here.



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