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5 ways a b2 will upgrade your workplace

Here at Borg & Overstrom, we think of our b2 machine as the ultimate all rounder. A well established classic, the b2 is where reliability meets with simplistic design. It is easy to use and maintain, offering flexibility in configuration, colour, and water variety. This is why our customers often choose the b2 for their workplaces, whether that workplace be a leisure environment, an office, or even a school! Today, we’re going to be sharing five reasons why, whatever your workplace location, the b2 will help you to upgrade it. 


1. Design 

While we understand that functionality is the most important quality of any top water cooling system, adding a little bit of style and class into the workplace is an excellent bonus. We understand that everything in your office says a little bit about you and your company, and it is no different when it comes to your cooler. Our sleek and stylish b2 coolers look incredible in all kinds of environments and reflect well on your organisation.


2. Ease of use

We’ve designed the b2 water dispenser to be comfortable, ergonomical, and easy to use. It is available in countertop or free standing configuration, both at an optimal height for interaction. The b2 has soft touch buttons for easy dispense, 


3. Variety 

We all know that variety is the spice of life, and that’s why we like to create products with as many customisable features as possible, and the b2 is no exception to this rule. The b2 is available in black, white, and grey, in both a countertop and a free standing configuration. You can choose for the b2 to be a point of use device or, as below, as a traditional bottle top water cooler. The b2 also offers variety in the type of water it dispenses, whether you elect for chilled, ambient, or hot water, the b2 has it covered! 


4. Available with conversion kit 

If a point of use watercooler is not feasible within your workplace, transform your b2 water dispenser into a bottle fed water dispenser with our conversion kit. Ideal for situations of preference or where the mains fed pressure is inadequately low. It is simple to install and sanitise the water bottle dispenser, if you’d like to find out more about our conversion kit, you can find it here


5. Direct chill 

Our b2 watercooler is available with Direct Chill technology. What is Direct Chill?  The Direct Chill system utilises advanced cooling technology to ensure your water is both hygienic and fresh. Many water systems chill water gradually over time, and store it in a container. The Direct Chill system takes water directly from the supply source, and chills it in a coil on its way to the dispenser faucet. This ensures your water is fresh, and reduces the impurity levels in your water.

The cornerstone of our Direct Chill system is our Direct Chill coolant coil. This nifty device uses environmentally friendly R134a gas to chill to a sub zero temperature. The use of R134a is highly energy efficient, and cuts the energy consumption of your watercooler dramatically. The coolant coil is situated in an insulated Direct Chill tank, which is filled with water. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is where your drinking water comes from, but this chilled water merely serves as a temperature regulator. The fresh filtered drinking water is situated in an entirely sealed pipe that passes through this chilled tank. It progresses through a seven metre chilling coil and out to the dispense faucet, to provide you with fresh, chilled, and filtered drinking water. 

 With bottle top watercoolers, the drinking water is stored over time in an exposed reservoir, creating an ideal environment for bacterial growth. This reservoir often develops a biofilm, which is a coating of microbial matter, which can enter your watercooler. The sealed drinking water pipe used within the Direct Chill system ensures that your water is transported directly from the source to the dispense faucet, greatly reducing the chances of contamination and impurity in your drinking water. The Direct Chill systems have been designed with easy to use, soft touch buttons. Not only is this quick and simple for dispense purposes, but it also ensures that hands are kept away from the faucet itself, to further increase the hygienic protection of the system. 


We’re incredibly proud of our b2 system, if you’d like to discuss upgrading your workplace with a b2 water dispenser, contact us today. 



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