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Five things you didn’t know about the Borg & Overström academy

It’s no secret that we’re immensely proud of our academy, we believe that visiting our academy will provide you will the tools you need to ensure your business is a success. We hold sessions for our partners on a regular basis, and these are always our favourite part of the week. To celebrate the success of our academy, today we will be discussing five factors that you may not know about our learning hub. 


1. Our academy is backed up by our mission


Our mission, here at Borg & Overström, is to empower our partners to achieve more. Our mission is infused in all we do, and nowhere more than in our academy. We’ve tailored specific academy sessions to help our partners progress in the areas they request. Do you have a specific area in which your company needs to grow? Let us know, and we can tailor an academy session to empower you.


2. We offer area specific academy sessions 


We know that, whilst your brand message permeates all areas of the business, different skills and knowledge are required for each sector. To this end, we tailor each of our academy sessions to the specific need required.


Sales academy sessions

We’ve always had a strong and proactive sales approach at Borg & Overström, and we love sharing our know-how with you. In our sales academy sessions, our sales veterans offer their expertise on how and why to keep your sales pipeline full, as well as how to set up a simple pipeline tracking system.


Product training academy sessions

We are proud of our products, we know that they are the most well designed, and high functioning, water dispensers available. We leap at any opportunity to show our products off, and our product training academy session is such an opportunity. We have a showroom packed with fully functional models of all our water dispensers, in this session we show you exactly how each model works, guiding you on how to sell each cooler, and why they have been designed for specific market sectors


Marketing training academy sessions

A coherent marketing strategy can make an enormous difference to your bottom line. In this academy session, we enable you to create a basic marketing strategy, allowing you to develop your company as a brand and engage with your customers, to allow the best conversion results.


Service training workshop sessions

The most hands on of all our academy sessions, the service training workshop teaches you the operational function of our machines, following through installation and commissioning processes. Our trained experts will talk you through how to install and maintain a Borg & Overström water dispenser, allowing you to diagnose and repair common faults.


3. We have our own YouTube channel


We love watching the journey our academy attendees undertake, so we capture it on our YouTube channel. Find out what our academy attendees had to say about their time with us here, and be sure to subscribe to keep up to date with our future clips!


4. Location, location, location 


Our academy is located in Wilmslow, just ten minutes away from Manchester Airport. Once you’ve enjoyed our academy day, we’d strongly suggest you take some time to get to know the fantastic city of Manchester. Listed in The Lonely Planet as the eighth best city to visit in 2016, Manchester is bursting at the seams with places to visit, from getting your culture on at The Lowry Gallery, to educating yourself at the Museum of Science and Industry. Find out more of Manchester’s many attractions at The Lonely Planet, here.


5. We love to surprise you! 


Just like no two days are the same, no two academy sessions follow the same pattern! We mix it up with competitions, campaigns and special events to keep you on your toes.  


We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into our academy. If you’d like to find out more about the academy, do email us at [email protected]



You’re reading an article from the Borg & Overström Academy programme.


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