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You’re thinking about buying a T3, so what’s the first concern you might have about this decision? Well, the most obvious question may be “How much is it going to cost me?”

As September 2022 marked the introduction of Borg & Overström’s new T3 tap system it is only natural to be asking all the questions surrounding cost, from the initial pricing to the service cost, and the overall return on investment.

“What” and “why” are the two most important questions you need to ask when it comes to cost, and as designers and manufacturers of the T3 in question, there is no one better to help you fully understand all the factors that can influence the cost of a T3 tap water system.

By the end of this article you will have all the information on the ‘cost’ of a T3 tap system and will understand how these expenses can be influenced, and whether or not the advantages of a T3 system is the best option for your budget.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of figures and statistics, let’s dive into one of the main factors that will affect your price.

A Beautiful Arial shot of the T3 Tap System

In what way does the distribution method affect the cost of a T3 tap system?

Borg & Overström sell through our distributors only: we do not provide water tap systems or dispensers to the consumer directly.

So what does this mean?

Well, you will not be able to find a standardised price for a T3 tap system online. We can show you our list prices, however, our distributor’s price tags may vary slightly based on a number of factors that we will presently explore.

To give you an example of what this means for you, let’s take a quick look at some distributor comparisons of the T2:

(Example of T2 Tap system advertised on UK distributor’s website excluding VAT)

(Example of T2 Tap system advertised on UK distributor’s website excluding VAT)

(Example of T2 Tap system advertised on UK distributor’s website including VAT)

(Example of T2 Tap system advertised on UK distributor’s website including VAT)

Here you can see that each distributor lists the T2 in a range of prices with their specific price tag directly influenced by:

  • The setup provided (added features/optional accessories)
  • Maintenance package 

Armed with this knowledge, we can now dive into the variables that can influence the cost, including:

  • What model of the T3 do you need?
  • ProCore® Vs. ProCore+
  • Viovandt®
  • What is the cost difference between each model?
  • What is the service cost of maintenance?
  • How much does it cost to rent a T3 tap system?

Which model of the T3 tap do you need?

The simple place to start with this question is to ask: “What dispense options do I need in my situation?”

The T3 has the following dispense options:

  • Chilled, ambient and hot
  • Chilled, sparkling, ambient and hot

The second question you need to ask is: “What flow rate will I need?”

Well, the flow rate directly influences the LPH (litres per hour) and will directly impact the volume of water dispensed. 

Because of this, if you’re part of a big business and you know that the demand on your tap system is likely to be high, then an increased flow rate would be favourable.

On the flip side, If you’re looking from the perspective of a small-scaled business, then flow rate may not be as much of an important factor.

After deciding on which side you stand, you will know whether a Procore®, or a Procore+, best suits your needs.

ProCore® Vs. ProCore+

Every T3 tap system comes equipped with a ProCore. This is a compact, under the counter processor that powers the entire tap system. Both models are easy to install with only a single unseen hole in the base of the cabinet required.

You can decide on upgrading your T3 tap system by opting in for a ProCore+. This will increase the cost of the final product by supplying you with the added benefit of an increase to your overall T3 chilled flow rate.

  • A ProCore+ is capable of reaching a chilled flow rate (LPM) of 3.3ltrs per min.
  • A ProCore® is capable of reaching a chilled flow rate (LPM) of 2.7ltrs per min.

Both models of the ProCore® have identical stats regarding their hot water capacities, so, when considering which ProCore model best suits you, only consider if you will need an increased capacity for chilled, ambient, or sparkling.

Based on list prices (and remember these prices are provided to give you a better idea on costs, while the definitive costs will depend on your distributor):

  • The list price for a T3 model featuring chilled, sparkling, ambient, and hot: £3505.95
  • The list price for a T3+ model (includes the ProCore+) featuring chilled, hot, and ambient: £3653.95

The difference is £148.00, and so you can expect this sum to be a representation of the potential added cost of opting for the ProCore+.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive overview, read ‘What’s inside the ProCore®?’.

Do you need Viovandt®?

The T3 tap system also comes with the optional feature of Viovandt®, and a reasonable question at this point would be: “What is Viovandt?”

In short, Viovandt is an eco-UV water purification system that uses powerful UV-LEDs to inactivate harmful microorganisms present in water. It is an inline UVC LED system that doesn’t take up water volume and is one component of our Totality® hygiene assurance system.

This added level of security provides you with a more inclusive T3 tap system, but will of course also increase the price. Based on list prices (and remember these prices are to give you a better idea while the definitive figures will depend on your distributor):

  • The list price for a T3 model featuring chilled, hot, and ambient: £2964.39
  • The list price for a T3 model featuring chilled, hot, and ambient with Viovandt: £3254.39

The difference is £290.00, and so you can expect this sum to be a representation of the potential added cost of including the hygiene-assurance that Viovandt® offers.

What is the cost difference between each model of the T3?

T3 Tap displayed from all different angles

The cost of your T3 tap system will very much depend on what model you decide on. Below is a table that provides a list price determined on the dispense options and added features that are available.

The prices below are to help provide an accurate representation of cost and price influence of each variable, however, the final cost will depend on the arrangement between yourself and your distributor as Borg & Overström do not sell to consumers.

ChilledAmbientHotSparklingProCore®ProCore+Viovandt® List Price

What are the maintenance costs?

The cost of maintenance is an ongoing fee that takes into consideration the volume of use, filter changes, and service maintenance.

Like all our water systems, the T3 tap system needs a routine service check. This service will manage the ongoing wear and tear, maintain the system is descaled and hygiene assured, and ensure that all the filtration systems are working accordingly.

These checks are listed in the Sanitisation Guide and should be carried out by a specialist every six months, however, the overall maintenance will vary depending on the amount of use, the volume of water that is dispensed, and the location of the product.

Each distributor will likely include a service package – this means that different distributors will each provide a different service package with their own variations – and so we recommend asking your distributor the specifics of what exactly is provided in their package fee.

If you decide on purchasing the T3 tap system outright, then the ownership does include the responsibility and liability of maintenance – an important point when considering whether to rent or purchase.

How much does it cost to rent a T3 tap system?

There are two types of ownership: purchase and rental. There are pros and cons for both and as a company that does not sell water systems to consumers, the answer to the question “How much does it cost to rent a T3?” can get complicated.

The rental prices are all set by distributors, Borg & Overström have no control over this, however, we can provide you with all the information on the two main benefits of renting a T3 could have:

  • Small and digestible fees

Now you have seen the listing prices, it may come as a relief to know that most of our distributors will offer a rental package. So, instead of one big number, the cost of your T3 can be spread-out into small payments – easily trackable for any facilities manager.

  • The cost of maintenance

The overall cost of maintenance is an ongoing fee that can make service checks and costs for potential replacement parts also an ongoing worry. If renting from one of our distributors, we highly recommend insisting on a service package. This, alongside your rental cost, will include the cost of all maintenance, providing a specialist and assurance that your system stays in its best working state.

On the other hand, if you decide with your distributor that an outright purchase is a better suit for you, then there would be no ongoing costs as there would be when it comes to rentals. However, you will need to subsidise the maintenance costs in order to ensure your T3 stays in the best possible working state.

Is a T3 tap system right for me?

Research is an important part of investment and nobody wants to part with their hard earned money only to purchase something they either don’t need or does not suit their purpose. We urge you to do as much research and exploring as possible because now you know how much a T3 might cost, and where you can save money, you’re one step closer to making your own decision.

Everyone would ideally like all the ‘bells and whistles’ a product can offer, and the T3 tap system with its potential 4 in 1 dispense options certainly has that. If you’re set on the new T3 tap system and ready to make a purchase, then find out where to buy a T3.

If you have decided that the cost of a T3 tap system and its capability of dispensing hot water does not suit your needs, then the T1 or T2 will be a better suit for your purposes.

We understand that a premium water solution is an investment worth making and we want you to get the solution that best serves your needs. We are here to help with both the expertise and resources to answer all your questions and will be able to put you in touch with your nearest distributor should you require.

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