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Hygienic Concepts attend the Borg & Overström academy

Last Thursday, we were lucky enough to be joined by ten motivated team members from facilities organisation, Hygienic Concepts, at our Borg & Overström academy in Manchester. Together, we discussed everything from how to build all important trust within a brand, to the finer details of how our Borg & Overström water coolers function to complement workplace locations.

The Hygienic Concepts team were treated to a virtual tour of the Borg & Overström headquarters and production plant near Norwich, in Norfolk, where every Borg & Overström water dispenser is carefully assembled, and extensively pressure tested, before being carefully packed and dispatched to our clients.

Also based at our Norfolk headquarters, are a skilled team of account managers, sales people, and administrative support staff to ensure that all sales transactions are processed efficiently and accurately. We also host a crack team of technical support staff, who provide aftersales support and expertise for existing customers.

Hygienic Concepts are a family run, washroom facilities company based in Staffordshire, with over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Hygienic Concepts pride themselves on providing competitive prices and an extensive range of high quality products, accompanied by a strong service ethos. You can find out a little more about Hygienic Concepts, here.

In order to provide this service level alongside high quality reliable products, it is imperative that Hygienic Concepts partner with like-minded suppliers that they can rely on, this is why they have chosen Borg & Overström as a key hydration partner.

What is the academy?

We had lots of requests from our distributors for support and tools, and this led us to create the Borg & Overström academy. Our academy uses training workshops and demonstrations to empower you to become leaders in your marketplace. Our mission, here at Borg & Overström, is to empower our partners to achieve more. Our mission is infused in all we do, and nowhere more than in our academy. We’ve tailored specific academy sessions to help our partners progress in the areas they request. Do you have a specific area in which your company needs to grow? Let us know, and we can tailor an academy session to empower you.

The Borg & Overström academy equips our customers with the training and knowledge they need to elevate their businesses to the next level. We tailor our academy days to suit each attendee, but can cover areas such as; branding, sales, product technology and functioning, and service training.

We love watching the journey our academy attendees undertake, so we capture it on our YouTube channel. Find out what our academy attendees had to say about their time with us here, and be sure to subscribe to keep up to date with our future clips!

If you’re interested in partnering your refreshment offerings with Borg & Overstrom, or would like to attend one of our academy days, contact us here, or send us a Facebook or Twitter message.

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners