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Meet the team – David Hyland

Here at Borg & Overströ​​m, we take culture pretty seriously. The reason we are able to constantly deliver first-rate solutions and products for our customers, is that as well as investing in our products, we invest in the people who make them.

We are incredibly proud of the people within our company. Their individualities and unique skillsets are what set us apart from the crowd. We’d love you to meet some of us – up today, workshop technician David Hyland…


Q. Hello David! Tell us about your history with Borg & Overström and the path you have taken to arrive where you are today

A. Hello! I have been with Borg & Overström for nearly seven years, within our Technical Department.


Q. What did you do before joining us?

A. Originally, I am from Newry in Northern Ireland. At age 21, I moved to Australia for work and to enjoy the beaches – which Ireland could never really offer! Whilst in Sydney, I met my (now) wife, Lucy, who has since become mother of my two beautiful girls, Ruby and Leah. Lucy is originally from Dereham, which was where Borg and Overström were located at that time. I knew of the company, and expressed my interest in working here. I was offered an interview, and have been in my technical position ever since!


Q. Why did you decide to work with Borg & Overström?

A. I heard glowing reports from a friend who worked at the company. I knew it was the type of career that I was looking for, but more importantly, I knew that there was a culture of team work and appreciation.


Q. What does a typical day look like for you at Borg & Overström?

A. Every day looks different within the Technical Department, but challenges are always accepted to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. We keep in contact with our suppliers, as well as our customers, helping to resolve any outstanding issues and being vigilant for opportunities to develop our outstanding range further.


Q. How would you describe working within the Borg & Overström culture?

A. It is a pleasure to work within such a great organisation, with such a cultural drive. Whilst there are various departments within the business, working to their own goals, we rely on each other for cross-department help, support, and advice to achieve our ultimate goals.


Q. What, in particular, is different about working with Borg & Overström over other teams?

A. There are high levels of trust, passion, belief, honesty, and integrity across the Borg & Overström teams. This results in a positive vibe throughout the company, making coming to work something you look forward to. Within our company there is no tension, which helps to raise productivity levels.


Q. Tell us about one instance of professional experience which you’ve really valued while working here

A. I really enjoy visiting our customers and suppliers to investigate the perfect resolution to the benefit of all involved. This enables us, as a company, to move forward working with all parties to try and achieve our goals.


Q. Tell us about a recent success in your role that you are particularly proud of

A. I am very proud of the work I carry out at Borg & Overström. I don’t want to single out one experience, as I believe all tasks should be carried out to the best of your ability and with a sense of pride. I gain great satisfaction when helping others, which can range from those working alongside me, to engineers on site resolving an issue. When people appreciate your input, it puts a smile on your face that you can pass on to others in your workplace.


Q. In your opinion, what is the single most important aspect of a successful team?

A. This is a tricky question! If I had to choose one aspect, it would have to be passion. If we have passionate individuals working on the same team we will progress towards our goal. Any firm can employ a qualified person, but it takes a special firm to instill passion into their employees.


Q. Which of the Borg & Overström values do you love to see emulated in your colleagues?

A. Our values are collaboration, vision, passion, excellence, and trust. While all of these are hugely important, passion is the value I like to see my work colleagues display. People with passion love what they are doing, which provides us all with the same vision, so we can trust our team collaborations to result in excellence.


Q. What is your personal favourite Borg & Overström product?

A. My personal favourite would have to be the b4 model. When I joined in 2010, this was the new product which most of my work revolved around, so I have a long-standing connection with it. Like the rest of our models, the b4 does exactly what our customers want it to. The b4 is completely reliable, which helps us to gain trust from our customers, which is priceless.


Q. In your opinion, what sets Borg & Overström products apart from other workplace refreshment solutions?

A. There are many factors involved; they are reliable, beautiful, easily serviceable, and do what people demand of them, so the customer is never disappointed.


Q. How would the rest of your team describe you?

A. Without sounding big headed, I would like to think my team would describe me as honest, approachable, and a person that cares deeply about our wonderful organisation.


Q. What is one thing about yourself that might surprise them, and us?

A. Despite being in the refreshment industry, I don’t drink any hot drinks at all, not even tea, which takes some people by surprise!


We asked Isaac, from the Technical Department, about David, and he had this to say…

“David Hyland is a sorted guy. He taught me the trade, and the ins and outs of everything Borg & Overström. David is really hardworking, and has a wonderful Irish accent. He supports Arsenal, and is passionate about all things London. In fact, he often speaks like a cockney, which is quite a departure from his usual accent! David is incredibly technically minded, and can fix most things that you throw at him. One thing he couldn’t fix, however, was his old people carrier – so he now drives a Mokka”

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