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Q&A – how do I switch to touchless?

Answering all of your questions on touchless dispensing  


Welcome to another Borg & Overström Q&A where we address the needs of our end users and distributors. In this session, we guide you through the steps for switching to a touchless setup. 

Even with certain Covid-19 restrictions relaxing, many businesses have kept strong measures against contamination in place. 

The risks within high footfall workplaces are still present and the hydrational needs of the workforce haven’t gone anywhere either. Fortunately, the benefits of footswitch and app-operated dispensing remain effective. We at Borg & Overström believe prevention is the best cure. 

If you already rent or own one or more of our dispensers, it’s never too late to go touchless as long as they meet the model criteria. Whatever your reasons, if you’ve decided to make the change now, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s everything you need to know in one place. 

How do I begin the process?

You have two options. First, decide which one you would prefer.  A footswitch will allow you to remove the cross-contamination risks of hand operation without having to rely on a phone. It is the preferred pathway for those who would rather deal with 100 percent hardware than combine it with software. 

The pedals we manufacture come in two or three-way incarnations. The two-way pedal is compatible with Chilled and Ambient models, the three-way pedal covers CAS (Chilled, Ambient, Sparkling) CHS (Chilled, Hot, Sparkling) and CAH (Chilled, Ambient, Hot).

Alternatively, you can install our free app which allows for remote dispensing via Bluetooth®. Once the app is installed, your device will pick up any of our compatible machines in the vicinity.

Which dispensers are compatible with touchless technology?

Right now, you can connect your phone to our B3.2 and B4.2 countertop or floorstanding dispensers. Going touchless with your current models will mean needing the Touchless Dispense Bluetooth® Control PCB Kit installed. 

But don’t make a habit of it. If you wish to add additional B3 and B4 models to your inventory, please remember that this supplementation need only happen once. A factory fit of touchless technology in the initial build is possible upon request. Just inform your distributor and we can make it for them. 

If this is too much hassle, don’t hesitate to browse our newer products which already feature remote technology. Every one of our T2 tap systems comes with this technology already built in, fully installed and ready for use out of the box. 

Can I install a footswitch and keep the Bluetooth® option?

Yes. Even once you have remote dispensing set up, you can still use either the footswitch or the touchpad on the machine. Our dispensers can satisfy any preference. One option will not hinder the other. 

Can I install a footswitch in any tap system products?

We do not currently provide footswitches for any of our tap systems. 

Will the machine only connect to the nearest phone?

Yes. Please remember that a dispenser will  connect to one device at a time. This device will be the nearest in the vicinity.  

Please remember that all aforementioned installations must be done by a qualified technician. 

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners