Totality: The next frontier in refreshment hygiene

When we refer to refreshment, we’re referring to the entire package. The package is the design, efficiency, and function of your watercooler. We take time to ensure that your watercooler offers you a refreshment package that you can trust and rely on. A cornerstone of this trust is ensuring that our products provide water that is clean, pure, and hygienic.

Why hygienic water matters

In 2009, the Consumer Focus Group conducted a microbiological study on watercoolers situated in leisure centres, offices, care homes, and schools. Shockingly, they found that 26% of these watercoolers housed water that was contaminated with such bacteria as E.Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Pseudomonas.  These bacteria can cause severe digestive upset, skin conditions, and respiratory infections.

Bacteria forms within a watercooler when the inner workings of the dispenser are not adequately protective or maintained. This particularly affects reservoir water coolers, in which water is held in a large bottle for extensive periods of time, and is dispensed as and when needed. By storing water in a bottle, you create an exposed reservoir, where bacteria can grow.  The bottle can develop a ‘biofilm’, which is a coating of microbial matter that can enter the appliance. There is also a risk of contamination from the handling process of switching the bottles across.


The water you drink shouldn’t just taste fresh – it must be fresh and completely free of contamination. At Borg & Overström, users’ health is our top priority. That’s why we’ve developed a Totality hygiene system for complete peace of mind, complementing our commitment to Direct Chill coolers as the safe way to dispense water. Our Totality System consists of four key factors; Sterizen, Viovandt, 3M Filtration, and Fynil.


We’ve developed a sanitising procedure that all Borg & Overström appliances undergo before leaving our factory. Sterizen is a unique anti-microbial, anti-pathogen procedure that significantly reduces any bacteria build up within the inner system. We’ve developed Sterizen to ensure that your appliance is clean and bacteria reduced – both inside and out.


Viovandt is an ultraviolet sterilising system that works to destroy bacteria within water by the use of ultra violet light. This environmentally friendly sterilising system is highly effective at destroying microorganisms, however, unlike chemical additives, this functions without affecting the pure, clean taste of your water, or creating chemical byproducts.

3M Filtration 

Our system is complemented by 3M’s world class purification system. These can be fitted into any Borg & Overström appliance, to reduce sediment, chlorine, odours, and scale.


The finishing touch to our Totality system is our non-porous finish, Fynil. This is biofilm, limescale, and impact resistant, ensuring that bacteria cannot build up on the surface of your appliance, for increased hygiene and longevity. As well as protecting the surface from bacteria, this easy wipe surface also reduces cleaning time.

Hygiene assured refreshment

Here at Borg & Overström, we know that what you want from your watercooler is peace of mind and reliability, and we design our products with this in mind. Combined with our exclusive Totality system, our point of use water dispensers also utilise Direct Chill technology, extracting water directly from the source, cooling it within a chilling coil, and dispensing it directly into your receptacle.

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