Release date 23.06.2020

B3.2 Install & Operation Manual

Model Overview


A range of compact water dispensers, available in the following operational types:

Direct Chill Chilled & Ambient
Direct Chill Chilled, Ambient & Hot

Direct Chill Chilled & Ambient
Direct Chill Chilled, Ambient & Hot
Direct Chill Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling
Direct Chill Chilled, Hot & Sparkling

The B3 model is available in three colours.

All Models
All models are self-contained machines with robust steel chassis and attractively injection moulded plastic front and top panels. For floorstanding models there is sufficient space internally for most filters.
For countertop models any filters would need to be fitted externally. An IEC Power Lead is supplied for
connection to the IEC socket found on the rear of all models (An additional Schuko type is supplied for the European market).

Water is fed into the insulated cold tank under mains pressure. We strongly recommend a Pressure Reducing Valveis fitted to all supplies to regulate the
pressure to 3.5 bar/355 KPat. The cold tank is chilled via the evaporation coil of the capillary controlled refrigeration compression system. The cold temperature is thermostatically controlled via the
adjustment screw on the cold thermostat. This is factory set and is not necessary to adjust in most cases (see Controls).

Water bypasses the cold tank for the ambient dispense.

Water is chilled as it passes through the Direct Chill coil. It is pumped under pressure into the carbonator which is fitted within the Direct Chill coil. The carbonator is also level controlled. The Deep Sparkle effect occurs through saturation with CO2.

All models also incorporate a leak detection device within the unit which disables the dispense function until rectified.

Hot water is provided by a hot water tank with an integrated heater element. The water is supplied directly into the tank under the pressure as connected into the back of the unit. The water fills the tank and hot water is dispensed by displacement. The water flow is controlled by a solenoid.

Direct Chill
Borg & Overström Direct Chill utilises innovative technology to chill water instantly. We recommend this system for more demanding environments because of its optimum dispense performance and unrivalled hygienic qualities. Superior to the gravity fed Reservoir system, Direct Chill technology chills water on demand for the ultimate drinking experience.



Chilled On/Off Switch: at upper rear of machine, switches cooling operation on/off.*
Cold Thermostat: at rear of machine.
Chilled Button: Press to dispense cold water.
Chilled LED: Indicates chilling application is switched on.
10A Fuse: On rear of machine, integral with IEC socket.

*All sparkling variants incorporate an auto-fill system

Ambient Button: Press to dispense ambient water.

Carbonation On/Off switch: Switches sparkling operation on/off.
Sparkling Button: Press to dispense sparkling water.
Sparkling LED: Indicates sparkling application is switched on.

Hot On/Off Switch: The hot water heating mode is controlled by a switch on the back of the unit, next to the cooling mode switch.
Hot Thermostat: regulated by a pre-set, non- adjustable sensor on the tank.
Hot Button (incorporates safety lock): Press once to unlock. Press again to dispense hot water. (Note: Machine will revert to locked after 5 seconds if dispense is not activated.)

Hot LED: Indicates hot application is switched on.


Major Components & Water Connection



Water Connection & Operation


Connect and turn on the water supply. Then connect the power supply.


Press and hold the cold water button until water comes out.


On sparkling models turn on the carbonation switch on the back of the unit.


The relevant indicator lights will be lit.


All hot & sparkling tanks must be purged of air by holding the corresponding button. Do not switch
the hot system on until tank has been purged.


To avoid damage do not turn on the cold or hot power switches until water flows out of the machine. (If applicable)


Flush through 10 litres of water before use.


When the cold water switch is turned on, the cold water and indicator will be lit.


The temperature of cold water can be set from 4c to 11c. Allow up to 1 hour for the water to reach its minimum temperature.

CO2 Bottle Installation (Sparkling Versions Only)




Attach the regulator to the disposable CO2 bottle, ensuring the regulator is closed.


Connect the assembled CO2 bottle and regulator to the machine using 1/4 inch pipe.


After completing the water installation, turn on the sparkling power switch and the pump will run. Do not open the regulator valve until the carbonated switch has been turned on.


We recommend between 3.5 – 4 bar. Do not exceed 4 bar pressure.


Flush through approximately 10 litres of sparkling water. Check and adjust the CO2 pressure accordingly.


Following installation, it will be necessary to leave the machine for up to 1 hour for the initial chilling cycle to occur.

Functions & Controls


General Safety

  • Leave a space no less than 15cm between the wall and dispenser.
  • When combined with base cabinet – use wall bracket kit for high traffic areas.
  • Keep the machine away from sunlight, heat and moisture.


Isolation & Removal

NOTE: All maintenance operations must be carried out with the dispenser switched off.


Please make sure the machine is completely disconnected from the electricity before carrying out any maintenance work.


Turn off the water supply.


To drain cold and ambient units, simply push each dispense button until no water dispense. For cold and hot dispensers push the dispense until no water dispenses and then remove both drain port caps to empty the water tanks.


Caution: hot water may spill from the hot tank during this operation.

Sanitisation Guide

NOTE: Before beginning the sanitation process please ensure that water is turned off at the mains and refer to the sanitisation liquid MSDS documentation for further information. Use bioguard hand gel and ensure gloves are worn.


Briefly press chilled/ambient dispense buttons to release internal water pressure from the machine.


Remove the existing cartridge.


Add 25 ml of Sterizen® 30 Internal Water Cooler Sanitiser fluid to a clean and empty service filter cartridge.


Connect the service cartridge to machine.


Turn on incoming water, allow service cartridge/doser to fill.


Dispense water using the cold button until the water appears pink. Repeat with sparkling button if present. Briefly press the ambient button too.


Leave the solution inside machine for sanitisation (minimum 5 minutes) while thoroughly cleaning the machine externally, pay particular attention to the dispense faucet and buttons.


If a Waste Overflow System is fitted, empty this and flush through with a small amount of sanitisation fluid if needed. Remember to include the drip tray and connecting pipe work.


When the external cleaning (after a minimum of 5 minutes) is completed, flush the machine using the chilled button with clean water until the dispense water runs clear. Repeat briefly with the ambient button.


Turn off water and remove the service filter. Retain service filter for reuse.


Fit new filter. Turn on incoming water supply.


Pre-flush the new filter to waste using the ambient button until the water appears clear and is free of air. Flush through a small amount of water to check all functions.


Please note that this sanitisation fluid contains an active caustic/alkaline agent.


Avoid skin contact and wear protective gloves when handling sanitisation fluids.


Always use responsibly and with care remembering that due to its alkaline nature unnecessary concentrated/prolonged contact with any materials, including metals, can cause damage. Always rinse all contact surfaces after use with clean water.


In the event of any skin contact, flush immediately with clean, cold water.

Leak Detection (power cut-off) - All variants

Enhanced Leak Detection (Flood prevention) Available as Optional Extra.

NOTE: If this machine is equipped with a leak detection device. When leaking is detected the dispense operation will be cut off automatically.

To reset:


Unplug the machine.


Locate the source of leakage and rectify.


Locate the detection probe which can be found in the bottom rear middle section. Dry the probes and internal area with a dry cloth.


If enhanced Leak Detector is fitted as optional extra: locate the Leak Detector valve.


Reset the red lever (push it in).


Reconnect the power to machine and test operation.

If leak detector is fitted as optional extra, reset the red lever (push it in)

Emptying the Carbonation Tank for Transportation


Switch off the Carbonation System switch on the back of the unit.


Press and hold the Sparkling water dispense button until all water is expelled.


The tank is empty of sparking water when only CO2 is being released.


Ensure to release the Sparkling water button and take care to avoid releasing excess amounts of CO2 gas.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Fault Diagnosis: No Water Dispenses

Problem/ReportPossible CauseSuggested Action
From Ambient dispense Water Supply turned off Check all that taps/valves/ filters
on the incoming supply are fitted
and are turned on.
“Waterblock” tripped off (and tank
Reset “Waterblock” (and check for
any leaks).
“Leak detector” (if fitted) tripped off
(and tank empty).
Disconnect the power and water
supply, reset the machine (check
for leaks).
Solenoid not working.Dismantle and check the solenoid, completely replacing the solenoid as necessary.
No Electricity/Power Supply.Check power cord is connected and live. Check machine is switched on.
Blocked tank outlets/pipes.Check and unblock or replace as needed.
Control PCB not working.Check/replace Control PCB.
From Cold dispenseFirstly all as for Ambient dispense.Carry out checks and actions as for Ambient dispense.
Chiller tank frozen – Thermostat set too low.Thaw out the machine and increase cold water temperature.
Chiller tank frozen - Thermostat not
Thaw out the machine and check
thermostat. Replace Cold Water thermostat as needed.
Chiller tank frozen.Circulation Pump not working /
Thaw out the machine and check
circulation pump. Replace
Circulation pump as needed.
Problem/ReportPossible CauseSuggested Action
From Hot DispenseFirstly all as for Ambient Dispense.Carry out the checks and actions as for ambient dispense.
Airlock in dispense pipe work.Unblock/replace hot water pipe and hot vent pipe.
Tank filled with limescaleReplace tank.
From Sparkling Valve Firstly as for ambient and cold valve.Carry out the checks and actions as for cold and ambient.
Low or no CO2.Check and replace cylinder as necessary.
Pump not operating.Check carbonator level control system.
Check probes connected/Leads
attached. Check power supply to pump.
Carbonator Tank over pressurised with CO2.1. Switch the Sparkling System off.
2. Shut off CO2 supply.
3. Press the Sparkling Water button to release CO2 from carbonator.
4. Switch the Sparkling system on.
5. Check pump operation is running normally.
6. Wait for the pump to stop running.
7. Re-open CO2 supply.
Pump Feed Solenoid ValveCheck function/condition and repair/replace accordingly.
Carbonation System switched off.Switch on (Switch on back of the machine).

Fault Diagnosis: Water Dispenses but not Correct Temperature

Problem/ReportPossible CauseSuggested Action
Ambient Water too WarmLow usage and/or heat from compressor influencing stored
Check tank insulation and/or advise customer.
High usage and/or water supply pipe in warm ducting.Advise customer.
Cold Water not ColdCooling switched off.Check switch positions as necessary.
Compressor runs and switching off (cool/warm to touch) - Thermostat
set too high.
Decrease cold thermostat set point.
Thermostat not working.Check/replace thermostat.
Compressor runs but not switching off (hot to touch).Please contact technical support.
Refrigeration problem Please contact technical support.
Compressor not running at all - No
electricity power supply.
Check the Power cord is connected and live, and the machine is switched on.
Compressor only hums slightly/ briefly.Check and replace relays.
Relays loose.Check and refit relays.
Compressor not working.Please contact technical support.
Fan not working.Check and replace, as required.
Hot Water not HotHot water mode switched offSwitch on hot water mode (status LED should show).
Heating operation tripped off.Reset overheat button on hot tank.
Break in supply wiring to control circuit.Locate break and repair.
Hot water demand too high.Advise user/s.
Heating element not working.Check and replace Hot tank as required.
Hot tank heavily scaled (signs of scale in top of tank, loud boiling noises etc).Carry out thorough descale or replace hot tank.
Break in supply wiring to main element.Locate break and repair.

Fault Diagnosis: Water Leaks

Problem/ReportPossible CauseSuggested Action
Water lying on top edge of lower door panel and/or bottom of cabinetOverflowing Drip Tray waste container.Empty Waste Container and check
drainpipe is not blocked.
Water lying in bottom of machineLevel Sensors not working.Check operation/repair/
replace as required.
Leak in supply inlet pipe work and/or filter.Locate and repair accordingly.
Leak from machine water pipe work fittings.Locate and repair accordingly.
Check pressure and fit pressure reducing valve if needed.

Fault Diagnosis: Miscellaneous

Problem/ReportPossible CauseSuggested Action
Repeating beeping noiseLevel Sensor fitted and tank full.Empty Level Sensor Tank.
No LED Control LightsNo electricity to Machine.Check power supply and reconnect as necessary (Also check out other
symptoms as described separately).
Check Fuse in IEC Socket.Replace if necessary.
Control PCB not working (Machine
working normally otherwise).
Check/replace PCB.
Machine Shakes on Start-up.Compressor Starting.No action needed. This is quite normal.
Level Surface.
Uneven Surface.Level up machine using adjustable feet.
Missing Fixings.Replace missing fixings.
Tripping out Electricity Supply.Machine in high humidity environment.Discuss possible repositioning with customer.
Electrical circuitry faults.Test, identify and address accordingly. See Electrical Diagrams.
Please contact technical support.
Problem/ReportPossible CauseSuggested Action
Slow but Continuous Water Dispense from Ambient or Cold TapLow incoming water pressure. Consider replumbing to alternative supply if possible.
Fit Booster pump set.
Intermittent Water Dispense from Ambient or Cold Water ValveTrapped air in pipework (especially
where water pressure is low after
filter change).
Hold button on to purge air out (This could take several minutes where pressure is low).
Pre-flush filters.
Button not being pressed enoughPress button firmly. Could be caused by surrounding cold
environment making the button stiffer.
Faulty PCB Replace PCB
Intermittent Water Dispense from Ambient or Cold Water Valve and
hammering noise.
Fluctuating mains water pressure situation.
Please contact technical support.
Continuous Water Dispense from
Ambient/Cold or Hot water valve.
Button jammed on/faulty. Replace PCB or/button panel as
Debris blocking hole in diaphragm window.
Dismantle valve and clean out.

Exploded Diagrams

Chilled & Ambient