Release date 13.07.2020

Foot Switch Install & Operation Manual


Installation of the 2-way/3-way Foot Pedal Switch in the b4.2 & b3.2 Model.

Images below illustrate a 3-way Foot Pedal Switch

Note: Ensure electrial power is disconnected before carrying out any remedial work.


Remove the top and right-side panel (b4).

Remove the top, front and lower (b3).

Disconnect the signal wiring loom (circled) from the Touch Panel PCB and main PCB and discard.


Feed the new wiring loom up.


Connect the wiring loom onto both the Touch Panel PCB and Main PCB. (If a hot machine, ensure the wiring loom is not lose to the tank itself).


Neatly cable tie up the wiring loom and attach to a self- adhesive clip on the inner side panel.


Refit all panels and feed the wiring loom from underneath the door panel and position in front of the machine.

Select your icons relevant to your machine and stick onto the footplate using the template supplied.

Installation is now complete.

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