Release date 12.05.2021

U2.S2 Install & Operation Manual

Model Overview


The u2 is a robust, simple to operate and maintain multi-headed tap with an aesthetically striking design.
The under-counter dispenser is a Dry Chill™ cooler designed to

provide ambient still, chilled and/or carbonated water. All the materials and components are tested during the entire production process in order to satisfy all expectations.

COOLING SYSTEMStainless steel direct chill coil encased in a solid-block system
for instant response cool down action. Ultra efficiency compression system with capillary control.
Environmentally friendly R134a
OUTPUT PER HOUR 40 litres cold at <10°C.
40 litres sparkling at <10°C.
Multi-Neck Faucet with ergonomically designed lever controls for each tap.
Rated input 323 watt.
Rated input 300 watt.
WATER CONNECTIONMains in - 1/4” Push Fit/ Faucet - 1/4” Push Fit.
C02 CONNECTION1/4” Push Fit.
DIMENSIONS(w x d x h) 330 x 370 x 362mm.

Component /Feature Overview

U2 Tap - Major Components


Please Note: Mains Installation Kit & Filters are supplied as extra items according to individual ordering requirement. Ambient water Pipe always Longest.

S2 Manual - Major Components



Tap Installation


When planning and providing for the connection to the services, always allow for easily accessible service isolator fittings and for the position of an external water filter.


Identify a suitable position for the tap. A 50mm (max) hole is required for a three headed tap, and a 35mm (max) hole for a two headed tap.


When positioning to drain over an existing sink bowl, allow for the reach of the tap levers or otherwise the position of any optional drip tray. 168mm to middle tap, 148mm to outside taps.


Also allow for the height of the tap levers under any overhanging cupboard/shelf.


Allow for the space needed for forming the required hole. Relate the selected position to the underneath of the counter and check for any obstructions.


Allow sufficient space for fitting a back nut to the faucet stem.


Carefully form the needed hole using the correct type of cutter for the work surface material.
Observe all local occupational health and safety requirements.


Remove the back nut from the tap and carefully feed the connecting pipe tails through the hole formed in the work surface. Ensure the rubber gasket is positioned correctly on the base of the tap.


With the tap in position carefully refit the nut. Take care not to over-tighten.


Install the ventilation system using the instructions/templates provided.


Fit optional Drip Tray at this stage (if selected).


Once the ventilation system is installed, position the unit on the ducting as instructed and follow the connection steps (See Undercounter Installation & Water Connection)

Tap Dimensions


Footprint Dimensions


Driptray Dimensions


Ventilation System Installation

When Borg & Overström undercounter units are installed inside a cabinet or housing, adequate ventilation is recommended to ensure that they operate satisfactorily.

During a cooling cycle it is normal for the unit to produce heat, and the purpose of ventilation is to provide a supply of air that can absorb the generated heat which would otherwise accumulate inside the cabinet or housing, and reduce the cooling performance of the unit.

The amount of heat generated by the cooling cycle depends directly upon the amount of usage – the higher the usage, the more heat produced.

To provide adequate ventilation we recommend that air grilles/vents are fitted as supplied (or vent apertures formed) in the cabinet to allow an airflow as shown below. Normally this should be enough for all situations.

Important: Before making any cuts into the cupboard or kickboard, ensure the area to be cut is free from water pipes or electrical cables. There is a risk of serious injury or death if electrical cables are cut, and significant damage to property if a water pipe is cut.


Using the template provided, carefully mark and cut the aperture to the edge of the cabinet.


Situate the Simple-fit ventilation base in place centrally over the aperture. Ensuring that there is a minimum of 30mm air gap to each side.


The S2 appliance must be placed carefully in position on the ventilation base to ensure the chimney is located correctly in the chimney aperture at the rear of the base. After installation the vents at the front of the cabinet and to the sides of the ventilation base must not be obstructed. Any obstructions will adversely affect the airflow to the appliance causing potential for poor performance, over heating or fridge failure.

Undercounter Installation & Water Connection


Locate the machine in a suitable enclosure, ensuring
that the supplied ventilation kit can be installed.


Connect the u2 tap to the Chilled, Ambient and Sparkling* water outlets.


*Connect the CO2 supply from gas regulator, ensuring
the pressure is set to 58 PSI (4 bar), and turn on the supply.


Connect the chiller to the water supply and open the mains supply isolation valve.


Connect the unit to the electrical supply and turn on.


After approximately 10 minutes, the compressor and
fan will stop as the chiller has reached its normal operating temperature.


*The carbonator should be purged of air by activating the sparkling water dispense for approximately 20 seconds.


*Isolate the water supply and activate the sparkling water dispense. When the water system has emptied, allow gas to be expelled for approximately 5 seconds. Immediately after this 5 second period restore the water supply and allow the system to refill.


Dispense ambient, still and sparkling water*, in turn,
to purge any air from the system. The time to do this
may vary depending on the length of pipe between the
unit and the tap.



The unit should be isolated from the electricity supply before removal of any covers. Great care must be employed when working with high pressure carbon dioxide, and in no cases should the maximum operating pressure of 58 PSI (4 bar) be exceeded.

Sparkling Water Flow Rate - Sparkling Versions Only

NOTE: The soda water flow rate is set to 35ml/sec at a CO2 pressure of 58 PSI (4 bar). To adjust the soda water flow rate follow these steps:


Remove the 3 screws holding the unit lid down and lift the lid away.


Locate the flow control adjuster, this can be found on top of the carbonator can, connected to the central port of the can.


Loosen the lock nut, but do not remove.


Flow can then be adjusted by turning the adjuster screw, anti-clockwise to increase flow and clockwise to restrict flow. After each adjustment the flow rate should be timed.

Once the correct flow rate is achieved reverse steps 1, 2 and 3.

General Safety



Functions & Controls


Use the valves on the sides of the taps to increase or decrease flow rate. Lever in the upright position is fully closed.

Eliwell Control Panel




Basic Settings

Adjusting the Set Point:

1. Switch on Mains power – the display will flash several times, then the fridge system will switch on and the display will give a steady reading, this is the temperature of the water bath sensor.

2.Press and release the ‘Set’ button – The
display will show ‘SET’.

3. Press ‘Set’ again and the display will show
a numeric value (e.g. 9°C).

4. Raise or lower this figure to the desired setting using the up or down arrows on the left of the control display window.

5. When the correct setting is shown in the display window press ‘Set’ button the display will now show SET.

6.Press FNC button to return to the probe temperature reading.

Altering the Differential setting:

1. Press and hold the ‘Set’ button until CP shows on the display – Release the button.

2. Press ‘Set again, DIF will show on the display.

3. Press ‘Set’ again and the display will show a numeric value, (e.g. 1°C, the default setting.)

4. Raise or lower this figure to the desired setting using the up or down arrows on the left of the control display window.

5. When the adjustment has been made press ‘Set’ again the display will show DIF.

6. If no further changes are required press FNC again to exit.

NOTE: If no buttons are pressed for 15 seconds, the control will revert to temperature display mode, and any changes to settings will be saved.

CO2 Bottle Installation - Sparkling Versions Only


Unpack CO2 Regulator and fit elbow fitting to spigot outlet.


Attach the regulator to the disposable CO2 bottle, ensuring the small pressure relief vent in the stem is facing away from you or anyone else. Ensure the regulator is closed. Hand tighten securely.


Connect the assembled CO2 bottle and regulator to the CO2 inlet using a ¼” pipe.


Stand the cylinder in a suitable place.


We recommend between 3.5 – 4 bar(58 PSI) (max). Do not exceed 4 bar pressure.


It is necessary to prime the sparkling system with CO2 – using the sparkling dispense lever for a few seconds until CO2 is coming through, check and adjust the C02 pressure accordingly


Allow the machine to stand for 8 – 12 minutes for the initial chilling process to complete.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Sanitisation Guide

NOTE: All maintenance operations must be carried out with the dispenser switched off. This operation must only be carried out by trained staff. Every 6 months a sanitisation procedure is recommended as follows:


Turn off incoming mains water.


Briefly dispense cold/ambient water to release internal water pressure from the machine.


Remove the existing filter.


Use Bioguard Hand Gel and put on protective gloves.


Add 25 ml of Bioguard Internal Sanitisation fluid to a clean and empty service filter cartridge.


Connect to filter head.


Turn on incoming water, allow service cartridge/doser to fill.


Dispense water using the cold dispense lever until the water appears pink. Briefly dispense using the ambient lever too. Repeat with sparkling dispense lever if present.


Leave the solution inside machine for sanitisation to take effect (minimum 5 minutes) while thoroughly cleaning the machine externally.


For this we recommend the use of Bioguard Foam Descaler & Sanitiser Spray.


Pay particular attention to the dispense faucets and the tap levers. For this use Bioguard External Sanitiser & Clear Spray and Sanitising Wipes.


Attend to any cosmetic marks with Bioguard Rejuvenator & Protector as needed.


Remember to include the drip tray. If a Waste Overflow System is fitted, empty this and flush through with a small amount of sanitisation fluid if needed.


When the external cleaning (minimum 5 minutes) is
completed, flush the machine using the cold dispense lever with clean water until the dispense water runs clear. Repeat briefly with the ambient and sparkling levers if present.


Turn off water and remove the service filter. Retain service filter for reuse.


Fit new filter. Turn on incoming water supply and reconnect the power.


Pre-flush the new filter to waste using the ambient dispense lever until the water appears clear and is free of air. Flush through a small amount of water to check
all functions.


Please note that this sanitisation fluid contains an active caustic/alkaline agent.


Avoid skin contact and wear protective gloves when handling sanitisation fluids.


Always use responsibly and with care remembering that due to its alkaline nature unnecessary concentrated/prolonged contact with any materials, including metals, can cause damage. Always rinse all contact surfaces after use with clean water.


In the event of any skin contact, flush immediately with clean, cold water.

Emptying the CO2 Tank - Sparkling Versions Only


Turn off the water supply.


Pull and hold the Sparkling water dispense lever until all the water is expelled and only CO2 gas is being released.


The tank is empty of sparking water when only CO2 is being released.


Ensure to release the Sparkling water dispense lever and take care to avoid releasing excess amounts of CO2 gas as this may damage the tank.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Fault Diagnostics

Problem/ReportPossible CauseSuggested Action
No Water Dispensing Water Pressure RegulatorCheck water tank flow through the
regulator. Replace if necessary.
No Sparkling Water*No CO2 pressure, check by operating
pressure relief valve on carbonator tank
Check CO2 bottle, regulator and nonreturn valve. Supply pressure should be 58 psi (4bar), adjust or replace as necessary.
Carbonator Tank Not FillingCheck carbonator probe for possible short circuit to ground.
Check for pump timeout, cycle power off & on then purge carbonator.
Check supply to water pump (230V AC), if voltage present & pump inoperative - replace pump.
If voltage not present & pump is not timed out, check control board fuses. If necessary replace control board.
Poor Quality Carbonation*Incorrect CO2 Pressure Check CO2 bottle, regulator and nonreturn valve. Supply pressure should be 58 psi (4bar), adjust or replace as necessary.
Air in Carbonator TankIsolate the power supply and operate the sparkling water tap until gas is expelled. Allow gas to expel for 5 seconds. Switch
on power supply and allow the can to
Residue in Carbonator TankAfter prolonged use, a surface film can
develop within the carbonator tank. Refer to cleaning and sanitising instructions.
Carbonator Tank is OverfilledIf pump runs continuously, check
connections to tank level probe, if problem persists replace the PCB.

Fault Diagnostics (Continued)

Problem/ReportPossible CauseSuggested Action
Warm DrinksInsufficient cooling air flow through the
Check that the condenser is not blocked.
Check supply to cooling fans (230V AC).
If supply present replace fans.
If supply not present move on to the
compressor. The supply to the fans and the compressor are linked.
Compressor not runningCheck supply to compressor (230V AC).
If supply not present check the Eliwell
fridge controller is operating.
Check for system over heat. Allow the unit to cool and check for airflow obstructions. Once the unit has cooled the fridge system
will restart. If the problem persists contact technical support.
If the Eliwell controller is operating check the operating parameters are correctly set and inspect the probes. Replace probes as necessary.
Eliwell fridge controller not operating.Check supply to the controller. If present
replace the controller.
If supply is not present check the PCB.
PCB not operating.Check the fuses on the board and the fuse in the mains plug. If fuses are ok replace the PCB.
Fridge failureIf compressor & fan are running and there is no cooling contact technical support.

Exploded Diagrams

U2 Tap

Part number:Description: 
604606Twin Port tap TowerView in store
604023U2 Triple Port Tap Mounting GasketView in store
604002U2 Twin Port Tap NutView in store
462869Equal 8mm ElbowView in store
604010U2 Tap spacerView in store
604032U2 Tap Lever with CompensatorView in store
609124U2 Dispense Icon label SetView in store
604631Triple Port Tap TowerView in store
604022U2 Twin Port Tap Mounting GasketView in store
604003U2 Triple Port Tap NutView in store

S2 Undercounter