FAQs / B2.2

  • Why is my appliance making a bleeping noise?

    Your appliance is fitted with a level sensor. Please empty the level sensor tank and the bleeping will cease.

  • How can I optimise the quality of the carbonated water?

    Our appliances are designed to deliver premium carbonated water. If you are currently experiencing poor quality sparkling water, the cause could be due to the following (depending on appliance type):

    • Incorrect CO2 pressure: Check your CO2 bottle, regulator and non-return valve and replace as necessary. Supply pressure should be 58 psi (4bar) – adjust or replace as necessary.
    • Air in the carbonator tank: Isolate the power supply and operate the sparkling water tap until gas is expelled. Allow gas to expel for 5 seconds. Switch on the power supply and allow the tank to refill.
    • Residue in carbonator tank: After prolonged use, a surface film can develop within the carbonator tank. Refer to the cleaning and sanitising instructions that came with your appliance.
    • Carbonator tank: If the pump runs continuously, contact your distributor who will be happy to help you resolve the issue.
  • How many cups of sparkling water can I get from one 600g CO2 cylinder?

    400 7oz cups or 80ltrs

  • What pressure does the CO2 need to be set at?

    We recommend between 3.5 – 5 bar. Do not exceed 5 bar pressure.

  • What would be the cause of water lying in the bottom of the appliance?

    This could be caused by a leak in the pipework and/or filter. Please contact your distributor who will be pleased to help you resolve this issue.

  • What would be the cause of water lying on the top edge of the lower door panel and/or the bottom of the cabinet?

    If applicable, you may have an overflowing drip tray or waste container. This is easily resolved by emptying the waste container and/or checking that the drainpipe is not blocked.

  • Why would a water cooler not dispense hot water?

    Assuming your model is designed to dispense hot water, some simple trouble shooting will identify the cause – the most common of which is insufficient cooling air flowing through the fridge. Please contact your distributor who will be pleased to get your appliance operating properly again.

  • I have just installed one of your coolers but I can’t get any water to come through – what have I done wrong?

    The most common cause of this issue is that the water supply is turned off. Please check that your power supply, taps, valves and filters on the incoming water supply are fitted and switched on. Alternatively, your leak detector (if applicable) could have tripped off during installation. Disconnect the power and water supply and check for leaks. To reset your appliance, or if this hasn’t helped, please contact your distributor who will be pleased to get your appliance operating correctly again.

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