Originality separates leaders from followers

Continuous innovation is the cornerstone of our business ethos.


Driving distinctive design. Ergonomic design that defies convention. Each of our appliances is the culmination of a refined process that produces excellence at the point of use.
  • Delivering high performance

    Appliances that work perfectly, every time. Our water dispenser range, boiling water taps, and sparkling water makers are optimized for performance and precision.

  • When perfection isn’t possible, we set to work.

  • Advanced on every level

    To ensure that Borg & Overström appliances continually evolve, we recruit creatives, scientists, and engineers from leading manufacturing backgrounds. We value and encourage collaborative research and development.

  • Direct Chill

    Direct Chill provides superior performance. The immediate chilling process gives a fresher taste and dramatically reduces the chances of contamination..

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    Dry Chill™ Technology

    Our Dry Chill™ technology delivers consistent cooling without the need for an ice bank — efficient energy consumption and no leakages.

  • Leak prevention

    Our Dry Chill models can be relied upon not to leak. Our specialist water-leak detection system can be fitted to Direct Chill appliances for immediate shut-off if moisture is sensed.

Totality™ Logomark

Intensely purified

Totality®, our unique methodology, ensures an exceptional standard of hygiene. Suitable for office water cooler and tap systems..

The water you drink shouldn’t just taste fresh — it must be fresh and completely free of contamination. If not handled correctly, water dispensing makes an ideal home for bacteria. This is a significant concern, especially in environments where hygiene is key, and it’s essential that refreshment systems eliminate the dangers and deliver just what’s intended: pure refreshment.


Totality® is our exclusive process that delivers exceptional standards of hygiene:

Laboratory certified
99.999% bacteria-reduced

Every Borg & Overström appliance undergoes an anti-microbial, anti-pathogen, sanitizing procedure. The reassurance of hygienically safe appliances is provided by the unique bacteria-reducing process, Sterizen®.

No other brand of water cooler goes through this factory sterilization process, which is why only Borg and Overström appliances are laboratory certified to be 99.999% bacteria-free when leaving the factory.

Biofilm, limescale, and impact resistant epoxy resin panel finish

Many surfaces unwittingly offer homes to a multitude of bacteria, especially inside scuffs and scratches. This is why Borg & Overström appliances have a double-coated surface of Fynil®.

This scratch and impact resistant epoxy resin material resists biofilm development and limescale cohesion, adding increased hygiene and longevity.

At Borg & Overström, users’ health is our top priority — that’s why we’ve developed Totality®, a hygiene system that delivers profound purification.

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Deep Sparkle®
Intense, long-lasting sparkling water

The superior Deep Sparkle®, unique to Borg & Overström, is achieved through high-pressure saturation. Conveniently maintained with safe, easy-to-fit CO2 canisters — available in two sizes.

Deep Sparkle® refills

  • E290 CO² Cylinder – 42 oz
  • E290 CO² Cylinder – 21 oz

Water being dispensed should be as safe as it is refreshing

Unfiltered water contains calcium, magnesium, chlorine, hormones, and pharmaceutical traces. To tackle these impurities we use multi-stage water filtration, advanced UV cleansing, and Fynil® surface anti-microbial protection. All of these are safe, fully certified technologies.

Different types of filtration

  • Absorption

    Comprised of compressed carbon (wood or coconut shell), silver, and titanium. Absorption captures waterborne contaminants such as chemicals and sediment.

  • Sequestration

    Polyphosphate beads reduce the effects of limescale by inhibiting the minerals without removing them.

  • Ion Exchange

    Resin beads charged with sodium or hydrogen ions almost eradicate the effects of limescale caused by hard water.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    Semi-permeable membranes eradicate 99.9% of impurities found in water leaving virtually pure H²O.

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