Refined hydration. Digital precision.



Next-generation integrated tap

The T2 is a next-generation digital tap system. It’s bold yet practical with a premium finish. Combined with the ultra-compact ProCore™ water processing unit, the T2 integrates seamlessly into any work area or communal space.

Refined hydration

The T2 has sleek lines, a contemporary profile, and is finished to the highest standard. With a built-in drip tray and 310mm dispense area for refilling bottles and jugs, it’s also a highly practical solution for modern workplaces.

Ultra-compact, durable ProCore™

The under-counter ProCore system is compact, easy to install out of sight. It’s also low maintenance and fitted with the new eco R290 gas. The colour-coated GreenCoat® steel construction makes it sustainable and durable.

Digital precision

The discreet digital touch panel has an antimicrobial coating for a reassuringly clean experience. Chilled, sparkling, or ambient water can also be dispensed touch-free via the Bluetooth® app.


The T2 is consistently energy efficient, making it both economical and eco-friendly. It’s also fitted with a low light sensor which sends the appliance into standby mode when the room is unoccupied.

Easy-to-fit ventilation kit

A ventilation kit is included with this system. It’s easy to install and increases the efficiency of the ProCore by allowing a continuous cycle of cool air.

Advanced UV protection built-in

As an option, the T2 can be fitted with Viovandt™, a mercury-free, chemical-free and energy-efficient LED-UV water purification system. For complete peace of mind, it also includes additional hygiene features via Borg & Overström’s Totality® methodology.

Control your water dispenser from your smartphone

Enjoy pure refreshment with our new touchless water dispensing mobile app. Now available for download and compatible with all T2 tap systems. 

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  • Chilled temperature

    Max 11°C

  • ProCore+ chilled capacity

    Litres per hour

  • ProCore chilled capacity

    Litres per hour

  • Dispense height


  • Tap height


  • T2 ProCore


    Dispense Options Water system Max power
    Black Steel Steel LED-UV
    Chilled & Ambient Dry Chill® 140W 742000View 742010View 742020View
    Chilled & Sparkling Dry Chill® 200W 742080View 742090View 742100View
    Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling Dry Chill® 200W 742160View 742170View 742180View
  • T2 ProCore+


    Dispense Options Water system Black Steel Black LED-UV Steel LED-UV
    Chilled & Ambient Dry Chill® 140W 742240View 742250View 742260View
    Chilled & Sparkling Dry Chill® 200W 742320View 742330View 742340View
    Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling Dry Chill® 200W 742400View 742410View 742420View
    Simple-fit Ventilation Base
    (Includes 20mm overhang)

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