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Release date 01.01.2022

Brand guidelines

Brand architecture

Brand story

We are Borg & Overström – designers and makers of world-class drinking water solutions. Our story began with a passion for excellence and a desire to always be the best at what we do. Since its inception, our firm adherence to this principle has contributed to our success as a global leader.

Core purpose

Distinctive by design. In everything we do we believe in challenging mediocrity, pushing the boundaries of expectations and delivering excellence on a whole new level.

Brand narrative

In our world, we have a passion for excellence and a desire to be the best. We help others to succeed and together create a better future.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower our partners to achieve more. We design and make the best drinking water appliances in the world. We work with like-minded partners to provide premium drinking water solutions in professional organisations globally. We support our partners in every way we can to maximise our mutual success.

Core values

Work as a team
Have mutual respect, share challenges and take responsibility together.

Keep focused
Concentrate on the goal and give priority to what matters most.

Let your enthusiasm show
Demonstrate the passion for what you do.

Always achieve excellence
Give your best and do more than expected.

Be dependable
Always be transparent, reliable and trustworthy.

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Composition/Grid system

Iconography system





Tone of voice

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