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Selling Online Policy

The following policy sets out our expectations for our distributors who are, or intend to, market Borg & Overström products on the internet.

This policy is issued supplemental to the existing distribution agreement. Where there is a conflict between the existing distribution agreement and this policy, the agreement prevails.


Borg & Overström is a brand built on strategic values and ethics. All business practices from design and manufacture, through to distribution and after-sales care have been carefully considered and developed to ensure an experience of the highest quality. The sale of a Borg & Overström product [dispenser] is consultative and requires consumer interaction and support – therefore, online price and specification comparisons are not appropriate, neither does this practice align with the values of our premium brand.


The perception of eBay amongst consumers is one of pre-owned, used goods and low prices. This perception does not align with the Borg & Overström brand. The use of such a platform to market and/or sell [product] is prohibited. Borg & Overström are Ebay VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) registered, which means that we reserve the right to take down any listings of our products.


Whilst the perception of Amazon is a professional business platform, it can sometimes be associated with low prices and price comparisons. The use of such a platform to market and/or sell [product] is prohibited. As custodians of rights of the use of our brand via Amazon Brand Registry, we reserve the right to take down any listings of our products.

Distributor’s own websites

If products are listed on a distributor website, one of the following formats must be used:

  1. Specification and images only, unpriced, with a call to action to contact for further information.
  2. As above but priced, showing the current list price (RRP).
  3. As above but priced, showing a weekly or monthly rental figure– ensuring that the total rental price is not less than the list price (RRP) as a multiple of the number of payments.
  4. Borg & Overström media assets may only be used by approved distributors.

The advertising of discounted pricing of a Borg & Overström [product] is prohibited.

Your website must be of the highest aesthetic and operational standards, contain suitable content, have less than 0.5% downtime each month (including time allowed for website maintenance and upgrading) and comply with all laws and regulations that apply in the jurisdiction(s) in which your website operates. In the event that our products can be purchased directly from your website, the transactional and security elements of your website must be of the highest possible efficacy and quality.

All imagery of Borg & Overström product used on your website must be approved imagery supplied by Borg & Overström.

Any linking and/or framing can only be done with suitable 3rd parties whose own website, brand and business are aligned with our premium brand values.

Intellectual property

Distributors must not purchase or use a domain containing the words ‘borg’, ‘overstrom’ or ‘borgandoverstrom’ or anything confusingly similar.

Other online marketplaces

We constantly monitor the online landscape for Borg & Overström listings and will manage all listings, whether priced or unpriced, in line with our policy outlined above – whichever platform is used.

We reserve the right to cease trading with any distributor in breach of this policy.

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