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Standard Limited Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a product from Borg & Overström. This document sets out the conditions of the Borg & Overström warranty in relation to products produced by Borg & Overström (the “Products”). Please read it carefully and keep it safe.

Who is eligible for the warranty
  • Borg & Overström offers a limited warranty to the end purchaser of the Product. Where you are acting as a consumer nothing in this warranty will affect your statutory rights.
  • This limited warranty is only applicable, if the Product was correctly installed in accordance with Borg & Overström’s installation instructions in either the UK, an EU member state, Switzerland or Norway. This condition will be considered to have been met where installation is carried out by an installer authorised by Borg & Overström.
  • You may only make a claim in relation to Products that have been registered with Borg & Overström. Products may be registered online or by filling out a Limited Warranty Card and posting it to Borg & Overström, Synergy House, Fakenham Road, Morton on the Hill, Norfolk, NR9 5SP, United Kingdom.
Warranty period

Borg & Overstrom provides this warranty for the following warranty periods provided that the Products are used in accordance with their instructions and installed within 3 months of delivery to you:

  • Professional appliances and equipment: a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of installation;
  • Sealed Refrigeration Systems (including all original compressors, condensers, evaporators, driers, the original refrigerant and the original connecting tubing): a period of TWO (2) YEARS from the date of installation;
  • Professional appliances and equipment, used in marine, mobile or aeronautical applications: a period of SIX (6) MONTHS from the date of installation.
What is covered by the warranty
  • Borg & Overström warrants that your Product will comply with its specifications and any operating instructions that Borg & Overström provides for the relevant warranty period as set out above from the date of installation of your Product as shown on the warranty certificate relating to your Product. This warranty is subject to the restrictions and conditions contained in this document.
  •  The warranty covers the repair or replacement of all parts acknowledged to be faulty by Borg & Overström or an authorised Borg & Overström distributor. Labour charges are not included.
Exclusions – What is not covered by the warranty

This warranty does not apply if:

  • The relevant warranty period has expired;
  • The Product has not been registered with us;
  • The serial number label is missing or unrecognisable;
  • The Product, or any of its parts and accessories, have been altered or repaired in a faulty or negligent manner;
  • Damage is caused by failure to properly install, connect, operate, maintain, or clean the Product in accordance with Borg & Overström’s instructions, or from use in any combinations not approved in the specifications, or from any unauthorised modifications or alterations;
  • Damage is caused by, or resulting from, non-standard or incorrect operation;
  • Damage is caused by neglect, accident or other factors beyond our control (e.g. fire, flooding or storms);
  • Damage is caused by the use of spare parts and consumables that are not of equivalent quality to genuine Borg & Overström parts or consumables;
  • Damage is caused by transport or handling;
  • The Product is installed where the mains water pressure is greater than 3.5 bar and a pressure regulating valve has not been used;
  • The Product is installed where the mains water pressure is less than 1.5 bar and a pressure boost pump has not been used;
  • Unfiltered water has been used in the Product;
  • The product has not been sanitised using the approved sanitisation products and processes recommended by Borg & Overström;
  • The Product is installed within the same room as a swimming pool due to the high humidity and the impact this is likely to have on the internal components of the Product.
Additional exclusions

This warranty does not cover:

  • Claims in respect of any other damage or loss suffered including, without limitation, the hiring of replacement equipment, loss of business or profits, or any loss or damage to other property or items placed in, on or in the vicinity of a Product;
  • Consumable items such as water filter cartridges;
  • Ordinary wear and tear of the Product;
  • Routine maintenance of the Product.
How to claim under the warranty
  • If during the relevant warranty period you find that your Product is not compliant with its specifications you should take the following steps:
    – you must report the defect to Borg & Overström within 14 days of discovering the fault and before the expiry of the warranty period by completing this form here.
    – in order to make a claim under this warranty, you will need to provide verification of the purchase and installation dates and Product serial number.
  • You will be responsible for packing the Product, and Borg & Overström will arrange shipping or transportation to a Borg & Overström repair centre. Borg & Overström shall test the Product to determine what, if any, defect there is.
  • If the Product is defective and the defect is covered by this warranty, Borg & Overström shall, if possible, repair, or make arrangements for the repair of, the Product through an authorised distributor at no cost to you. This will include parts. If Borg & Overström determines that the warranted repair of any Product is impossible, the Product shall, at Borg & Overström’s discretion, either be replaced or refunded. Replaced Products shall become the property of Borg & Overström.
  • Please note that the repair or replacement of any Product under this warranty will not cause the warranty period to be extended or restarted.
  • If Borg & Overström determines that the Product is not defective, or that the defect is not covered by this warranty, you will be charged a collection charge. The amount of the collection charge will not exceed £50 per appliance. If there is a defect that is not covered by this warranty, and the Product is capable of repair, Borg & Overström shall provide a quote for the repair of the Product. If you decide that you do not want to proceed with the repair, Borg & Overström will charge a carriage charge to return the Product to you; such carriage charge shall not exceed £50.00 per appliance.
  • Where you are aware of what has caused the Product to become defective and you wish to order a replacement part, Borg & Overström shall provide a replacement part free of charge provided that you return the defective part to Borg & Overström within 30 days of receipt of the replacement part. If you do not return the defective part within the time stipulated, Borg & Overström will issue an invoice for the price of the replacement part and applicable shipping.

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