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B3.1 – Chilled, hot & sparkling (Direct Chill)


Parts list

Part number:Description:
168180Carbonator TankView in store
17438048vdc Carbonation Pump with bracket (b3,b4 &b5)View in store
462368Stem Elbow 1/4" x 1/4" PFView in store
174371DC Tank Circulation PumpView in store
132445Single Check Valve 1/4" PF inlet (new type)View in store
1316521/4" X 3/8" Male Thread ElbowView in store
174385Pump Power PackView in store
462318Equal Tee 1/4" PFView in store
4620131/4" White Tubing per mtrView in store
133423Cold Tank Lid - OuterView in store
1316421/4" PF Inlet Elbow Bulkhead ConnectorView in store
1316411/4" PF Inlet Straight Bulkhead ConnectorView in store
171213b3 CAH/CHS Main Control BoardView in store
173272b3/b4 Level Control ModuleView in store
172167DC Voltage Rectifier Wiring AssemblyView in store
173264Cold Thermostat for all Circular DC TanksView in store
174231Electric Rocker SwitchView in store
174324b5 IEC Inlet FusedView in store
166980b3/b4 Pressurized Hot Tank Set c/w 92/105C SensorsView in store
173255105c Hot Tank Over-heat cut outView in store
17326692C Hot Tank Thermostat SensorView in store
184635Metal Clamp tubing for hot tankView in store
184622Magnetic Door Catch inc. screwView in store
184601b2/b3 Floorstanding Filter BracketView in store
121955b2/b3 Floorstanding Left Side PanelView in store
121956b2/b3 Floorstanding Right Side PanelView in store
184545b3/b4 Cup Dispenser SpringView in store
191154b3 Chilled, Hot & Sparkling LabelView in store
123721b3 Top Cover Panel- GraphiteView in store
124952b3 Floorstanding Base PanelView in store
121859b2/b3 Side HandleView in store
174307b3 ICB CoverView in store
133517Faucet 4no. Outlets (w/o middle vent)View in store
184542b3/b4 Spring Cover for Cup DispenserView in store
184544b3/b4 Spring Base PlateView in store
120923b3 Control Button PanelView in store
1314262-Port Drainage OutletView in store
194121Grit FilterView in store
172175Blue LED Lighting Assembly (b3)View in store
131572Drip Tray BungView in store
173245HP1/4PFx1/4PFS230 Solenoid ValveView in store
120932b3 Cup Surround PanelView in store
1316571/4" PF Spigot End TeeView in store
1316563/8" PF x 1/4" PF Branch TeeView in store
120917b3 Front Panel- SilverView in store
120928b3 Dispense Surround PanelView in store
120927b3 Front Infill Panel- Dark GraphiteView in store
125827b3 Drip Tray Set - GraphiteView in store
120919b3 Door Panel- SilverView in store
120929b3 Door Infill Panel - Dark GraphiteView in store
184531b2/b3 Floorstanding Adjustable FootView in store

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