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E7 – Chilled, Sparkling, Ambient & Hot


Parts list

Part No.DescriptionCACSACAHCSAH
720337Main Control PCBA
702422Access Panel
702424Right Panel
702419Left Panel
720534Door Asm
702558Cooling Fan
720629Hot Water Tank and Inlet Expansion Chamber Asm
720401UV Asm
700922Flow Switch
720735Tap Outlet Black
720725Tap Outlet Steel
720450Cup Stand Plated Black
720411Cup Stand Plated Steel
720712E7 CA HMI Lens Asm
720713E7 CSA HMI Lens Asm
720714E7 CAH HMI Lens Asm
720545E7 CSAH HMI Lens Asm
720549Sensorbeam CA
720569Sensorbeam CSA
720559Sensorbeam CAH
720579Sensorbeam CSAH
7015883/4'' BSP Inlet Solenoid
701886Pressure Reducing Valve
7019372 Way Solenoid
7019923 Way Solenoid
701729Hot Inlet Solenoid
637329Sparkling Flow Control Valve
4626678mm Safety Check Valve
4626681/4'' Safety Check Valve

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