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How can you save energy with the Eco mode feature?

If you’ve landed on this page then you’re probably asking one of three questions: “What is Eco mode?”, “How is it energy-efficient?”, and “How can this save money?”

Here at Borg & Overström, environmental sustainability is built into our culture. For over twenty years, we’ve navigated through the changing landscape of environmental concerns to make our premium hydration solutions the most ecologically friendly. Our latest innovation? Eco mode.


Now more than ever before, sustainability and energy efficiency is a first concern for all walks of life. Whether you’re an energy consultant who wants to improve a workplaces sustainability pledge, a facilities manager looking to cut your bills, or a consumer who wants to be certain that they’re using a product that helps minimise any negative effects on the environment – sustainability comes first.

In this article, you will learn exactly what the Eco mode function is, how the functionality can save you energy, and how this energy-efficient function can save you money.

What is Eco mode?

Eco mode is a design feature that places your water dispenser, or tap system, into a ‘sleep’ mode. In this mode, your water dispenser will be saving energy while the dispense function is not being used.

This feature will automatically activate after your water dispenser or tap has not been used for 2 hours, or if the unit is in darkness for 6 and a half minutes.

Note: this feature is a new innovation and can currently only be found on the Borg & Overström B6, T2, and T3.

How will you save energy with Eco mode?

A water machine’s energy use is measured in watts (W) – and its timed energy expenditure is in kilowatt-hours (kWh). This will vary model-to-model depending on make, and any inbuilt or externally-added features.

There are two important factors when it comes to calculating how much energy will be saved:

  1. First, no watercooler will run at its maximum output 24 hours a day.
  2. The final figure can vary depending on your environment’s routine, the watercooler unit in use, and much more!

By using a typical office workplace as our example, we can provide you with a detailed insight into what an average saving of both energy and cost would be.

Looking at the average working week in an office environment, we can establish a baseline for the frequency a watercooler will be in standby (sleep) mode .

Your watercooler unit will most likely be in standby mode all night during the five day working week – from closing time to the first morning use – and then again for the entire weekend.

Calculating these hours, your watercooler will be on standby mode from anywhere between 95 and 100 hours a week. When we multiply this figure into a yearly perspective – your watercooler could be in standby mode for over 5,000 hours.

How can Eco mode save on energy costs

The simple answer: by using less energy while your watercool is inactive, you will save on both energy use, and by extension, energy bills.

The more detailed answer is as follows:

Electrical energy is charged in kWh, cost is then calculated by multiplying power consumption by the operating hours and the price-per-kWh.

Recalling our typical office setting as our example, a watercooler in this environment will most likely have a runtime of around 33%. As a point-of-use machine, the main expenditure comes via the compressor chilling the passing water.

What is key here is that when the watercooler is not used overnight (and for the weekend in an office building), the compressor will cycle in and out to maintain the desired set temperatures. Ordinarily, this adds costs, and reduces life expectancy of the components.

However, Eco mode will place your water system into a ‘sleep’ mode when it detects an inactivity for longer than two hours, or 6 and a half minutes of darkness. This drastically reduces compressor cycles and eases the strain on components – reducing your overnight operating costs and increasing the lifespan of your product.

Is Eco mode available on all Borg & Overström products?

As a latest innovation, Eco mode is currently only available on the B6, T2, and T3 models.

Understanding the desire for more sustainable business models, Borg & Overström have championed the call to be a sustainable business in a world that wants to be greener.

By continuously innovating, our designs are manufactured to help limit any negative environmental impacts, and with the new Eco mode function, there is an opportunity to save both the environment and save money on energy costs.

We’re here to help you. So, if you’re left with any questions about Eco mode, or have a specific question you want the answer to – contact us – our expert staff are ready and waiting to help you.

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