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ProCore® – a new standard for drinking water dispensing

ProCore® is what we call the new undercounter water processing unit powering our tap systems. This technology is unlike previous units and is the new standard for all Borg & Overström drinking water dispensers.

You’ll undoubtedly notice that ProCore® is more compact, aesthetically pleasing, and easier to maintain than its predecessors. What you can’t see is that we’ve redesigned the entire system using own-design components from near-shore suppliers.

Nearshoring reduces our carbon footprint and increases our control over supply while meeting the needs of customers and distributors looking for partners with sustainable practices. We’ve also once again raised the bar on quality and reliability by selecting new suppliers from the UK and Europe and bringing all assembly in-house.

Our compressors, for instance, are made by Cubigel, one of the world’s top compressor manufacturers. Cubigel is part of Huayi Group and produces 30 million compressors each year from its base in Barcelona.

ProCore® is the engine room of our next generation of water dispensers and tap systems. It contains our most advanced innovations, including DryChill®, Totality® and eco-mode. It’s also compatible with optional extras such as Viovandt®, mobile dispensing app and our new Bluetooth® alarmed waste kit.

ProCore® technology powers the new T1, T2, T3 tap systems, C2/C3 commercial taps and B6 floorstanding and countertop water dispensers.

ProCore® meets the needs of the modern office with industry-leading digital connectivity and sustainability credentials. Furthermore, our trade partners and their customers will benefit from next-generation modularity.

All new appliances going forward will share componentry. This modular approach increases efficiencies of build and supply but will also improve maintenance in the field. Any engineer trained in ProCore® technology will be able to maintain and service the latest water dispensers.

ProCore® is a significant innovation and paves the way for even more innovative products and services for our network of trade partners.

For more information, please contact your account manager.

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