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How much are you currently paying per 19 litre bottle of water? Enter the price per bottle below:

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How many bottles of water do you purchase each month in total? Use the slider below to change the number of bottles purchased:

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How many dispensers do you rent in total? Use the slider below to change the number of dispensers rented:

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How much you are paying for rental and sanitisation per month? Enter the price per dispenser below:

Discover the vast benefits of bottleless water dispensers vs bottled


For many years businesses have used bottled water coolers to provide their staff with a supply of chilled water. In recent years forward-thinking businesses have woken up to the benefits of choosing point-of-use (bottleless) water coolers for their workplace. A point-of-use water cooler is the smart choice for your workplace, simply because it is cheaper, less hassle, more convenient and better for the environment!

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