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Superior Cooling with Dry Chill®

Dry Chill® is the latest advancement in cooling technology to be used in our range of water dispensers. Chilling water direct from the source results in fresher tasting water. In addition, our Dry Chill® system cools water without it ever coming into contact with air, and greatly reduces the chance of contamination.

Best for high capacity, commercial settings

Dry Chill®, also called a tankless water-cooling system, is designed for commercial dispensing situations where hygiene and high performance are of the utmost importance. The key feature of this cooling method, and what makes it a superior way of chilling water, is the aluminium cooling block.

Dry Chill® works like Direct Chill in that when the dispense button is pushed water flows through a chilling coil. But rather than passing through water it is passed through an insulated, aluminium block that is cooled via an environmentally-friendly coolant coil. Water is chilled faster providing a larger volume of lower temperature water. All of the water inside a Dry Chill® cooler is portable drinking water.

Dry Chill® will usually cool drinking water within 10 minutes (depending on ambient temperature), because aluminium as a heat conductor is superior to water. The use of aluminium makes installation of machines fitted with Dry Chill® faster, and the recovery time quicker. This means that when the water is dispensed, subsequent cups will be the same temperature as the first.

Compared with conventional cooling methods, tankless systems also greatly reduce the chance of bacteria establishing itself within an appliance. This is because they have what we call a low wetted internal surface area. This reduces the need for sanitation using harsh treatment chemicals and ensures peace of mind and fresher tasting water.

Dry Chill® is our most innovative and energy-efficient cooling system and is used to optimise the chilling performance of our high capacity S2 undercounter series used in our tap systems.

Watch how Dry Chill® works:


See how Direct Chill works:


Our mission is to empower our partners to achieve more by creating simple, innovative workplace refreshment systems. We understand that not all workplace settings are the same. We need to offer our partners choice, so they can design the most suitable solution for their customers. Visit our Specifier for help choosing your water cooler.

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