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Only 1 in 10 people
have access to clean
drinking water.

Clean water for all

Borg & Overström are proud to be an ambassador of Made Blue. Made Blue are an entrepreneurial charity who invest in water projects in countries where it is needed the most and focus on providing clean water for all.

Access to clean water is the basis for a healthy and productive life however 771,000,000 people still lack access to water. Since the start of Made Blue, they have made over 15 billion litres of clean water available.


The statistics

Our total impact realised since partnering with Made Blue in 2023 is displayed below. We register the amount of people given permanent access to clean water and hygiene, multiplied by a minimal daily use of 20 litres of water per person, this is using Made Blue’s calculations based on United Nations reports.

  • 8,227,000 Number litres of clean water provided
  • 114 Number of people gaining access to clean water
  • 82,270 Number of Kg of plastic waste prevented
  • 57,589 Number of tons of CO2 emissions saved
  • 1,234 Number of trees protected

Check out the detail – How does Made Blue convert your water in to ‘The best water in the world‘.

Never drink alone with a Borg & Overström water dispenser.

With every water dispenser order, Borg & Overström will donate £2.75 to Made Blue and this will be matched by the distributor.

With every dispenser donation, 19,000 litres of clean drinking water will have been made accessible to those in need, which is the average amount of water dispensed through a dispenser in its first five years.

What is my impact?

Every water dispenser provides 19,000 litres of clean drinking water, matching each glass of water poured from the dispenser with a glass of clean water to someone in need. Calculate how much your water dispenser order will help.


Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners