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C2/C3 High-performance hydration

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  • chilled
  • sparkling
  • ambient

Utilizing a specially designed ProCore+ system tailored to excel in high-output hospitality environments.

ProCore® - Totality® - DryChill®

Our tap systems effortlessly deliver high-capacity refreshment in any commercial setting, combining elegance and performance. Engineered for endurance with an impressive throughput of 80 litres per hour at a consistent chilled temperature, these systems are intuitive to use and require minimal maintenance.

Water Options:

A durable, high-capacity and easy-clean solution for drinking water.

Ideal for hospitality and leisure premises.

Water Options
  • chilled chilled
  • sparkling sparkling
  • ambient ambient
  • chrome chrome
ProCore® Powerful and compact, energy-efficient modular system.
DryChill® Rapid and hygenic, efficient chilling technology.
Totality® A range of technologies for water safety and hygiene.
C2/C3 Drip Tray Optional rectangular tray for countertop drainage integration.

High capacity output

These tap systems brings high-capacity refreshment to any commercial environment. Combining elegance with performance, this water dispenser meets demand every time. A simple pull of the chrome faucet provides thirst-quenching ambient, chilled, or sparkling water.

Evolved Design.

A durable performer

Designed for endurance, the fine engineering and quality construction ensures dependable performance at all times. It delivers an impressive throughput of 80 litres per hour at a consistent chilled temperature, making it the perfect solution for busy environments.

Simple to operate and maintain

These innovative tap systems bring a high-capacity refreshment solution to any commercial venture. Available as a two-tap or three-tap system, it’s intuitive to use and requires minimal maintenance. Simplicity in execution.


Compact ProCore® processor

Our premium tap systems include an ultra-compact under-counter ProCore® which fits discreetly into any space. It’s also low maintenance and fitted with the new eco R290 gas. The colour-coated GreenCoat® steel construction makes it sustainable and durable.


Hygiene assurance in every pour.

Totality® is our 5-step methodology to achieving pure, healthier, premium water. Providing hygiene assurance in every pour, Totality® reduces sediment, odours, chlorine and microplastics, for freshly-filtered water that is safe to drink and tastes clean and crisp.


Intelligent energy-efficiency

The T3 features DryChill® technology, the most recent advancement in water cooling. This airless system features a rapid-chill coolant coil, housed in an aluminium core for ultimate hygiene and performance. The efficient, tankless system reduces the risk of contamination and the need for sanitising chemicals, while ensuring every glass, from the first pour to the last, is consistently chilled just seconds before you drink it.

Versatile drip tray options

Integrated or freestanding stainless steel drip trays can be added to your tap system. Stainless steel is the perfect material match for water cooler dispensers. Unlike ordinary carbon or alloy steels, it won’t ever corrode or rust. The integrated tray is compatible with the Bluetooth® Alarmed Waste Kit for added convenience.

Bluetooth® Alarmed Waste Kit

An Alarmed Waste Kit is available as an optional add-on for tap systems. This clever device emits an audible alarm at high water level and sends a signal via Bluetooth® to deactivate the control panel, preventing the tank from overflowing.


  • Chilled temperature

    Max 11°C

  • ProCore+ chilled & sparkling capacity

    Litres per hour

  • Dispense height


  • Tap height


  • C2 ProCore+


    Dispense Options Water system Tap dimensions Chrome Chrome ECO-UV
    Chilled & Ambient Dry Chill® W165xD230xH465mm 746000 746010View
    Chilled & Sparkling Dry Chill® W165xD230xH465mm 746020 746030View
  • C3 ProCore+


    Dispense Options Water system Tap dimensions Chrome Chrome ECO-UV
    Chilled, Sparkling & Ambient Dry Chill® W215xD240xH470mm 746040View 746050View
    Simple-fit Ventilation Base
    W322xD431xH60mm (Includes 20mm overhang)

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