Advanced performance. Minimalist design.


High-capacity dispensing

The T1 eliminates the need for plastic bottles with high-capacity dispensing. It delivers 50 litres per hour of chilled, ambient, and sparkling drinking water, making refilling reusable vessels such as drinking bottles fast and convenient.

Countertop convenience

This integrated tap system can be positioned over a sink or combined with a stylish circular drip tray which complements the design of the tap. The drip tray can either be plumbed into mains water or used with the Borg & Overström alarmed waste kit.

Hygienic digital control panel

The discreet, ergonomic touch panel is designed for ease of use and has antimicrobial technology for a reassuringly hygienic experience.

Minimal yet durable design

Beneath the minimalist, contemporary exterior lies an innovative water dispensing system built for durability and efficiency. The tap is PVD coated for a high-end yet durable finish, while the undercounter cabinet is colour-coated GreenCoat® steel.

Cutting-edge UV protection built-in

As an option, the T1 can be pre-fitted with Viovandt®, a mercury-free, chemical-free and energy-efficient LED-UV water purification system. For complete peace of mind, it also includes additional hygiene features via Borg & Overström’s Totality® methodology.

Next-generation ProCore®

Under the counter is a compact powerhouse. ProCore® is a low-maintenance next-generation water dispensing system. In addition to being energy-efficient, it’s fitted with the new eco R290 refrigerant gas.

Plug and play installation

There are no fiddly wires to connect with the T1. The plug and play USB 3 connector makes this tap super easy to install.

Ventilation kit included

A ventilation kit is included with this system. It’s easy to install and increases the efficiency of the ProCore® by allowing a continuous cycle of cool air.

Low energy consumption

The T1 is consistently energy efficient, making it both economical and eco-friendly. This dynamic integrated tap system is lean and economical, with absolutely no sacrifice to output and quality.

Bluetooth® Alarmed Waste Kit

An Alarmed Waste Kit is available as an optional add-on for tap systems. This clever device emits an audible alarm at high water level and sends a signal via Bluetooth® to deactivate the control panel, preventing the tank from overflowing.

Totality® is our unique methodology designed to ensure our appliances provide an exceptional standard of hygiene.

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  • Chilled temperature

    Max 11°C

  • Chilled & sparkling capacity

    Litres per hour

  • Chilled & sparkling capacity

    500ml Bottles per hour

  • Dispense height


  • Tap height


  • T1 ProCore


    Dispense Options Water
    Max power
    Black Steel Black
    Chilled & Ambient Dry Chill® 140W 741000View 741010View 741020View 741030View
    Chilled & Sparkling Dry Chill® 200W 741040View 741050View 741060View 741070View
    Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling Dry Chill® 200W 741080View 741090View 741100View 741110View
    Simple-fit Ventilation Base
    (Includes 20mm overhang)

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