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Sensorbeam touchless dispense water cooler in modern eco-friendly office

SensorBeam® Hygienic, touch-free dispense with projection mapping technology

Winner of the Zenith Global Drinks Awards 2023  Union Flag - Sustainably Made in the UK


E-series accessory.
  • chilled
  • sparkling
  • ambient
  • hot

Completely touchless dispense

Compatible with the E4, E6 and E7.

SensorBeam® is a revolutionary new technology providing hygienic, completely touch-free dispense for the E-series water dispenser range. SensorBeam® uses patented, advanced projection mapping technology to illuminate dispense controls onto any floor surface. Easy to use, and with no additional parts to clean, simply place your foot over an illuminated button to fill your glass as if by magic.

Water Options:

Fill your glass as if by magic with touch-free dispense

Elevate your water dispenser into an interactive, sensory experience with patented SensorBeam® touch-free technology. Elegant and easy to use, SensorBeam® is ideal for use within busy communal environments such as workplaces or hospitals.

Compatible with all water options
  • chilled chilled
  • sparkling sparkling
  • ambient ambient
  • hot hot
Compatible dispensers
E4 Efficient, powerful water dispense with ProCore®
E6 Advanced water dispenser with EcoMode technology.
  • floorstanding floorstanding
  • silver silver
  • black black
SensorBeam® Projection touchless dispense

A unique effortless, elegant experience.

Designed to be both beautiful and easy to use, SensorBeam® is operated by simply placing your foot over an illuminated button projected onto the floor. Sensing your presence, the icons will shine as you approach, ready to be used.

Foot operating touchless water dispenser with illuminated controls

Patented projection mapping technology.

SensorBeam® uses advanced projection mapping technology to display illuminated controls onto any floor surface.  Unique to Borg & Overström, SensorBeam® is both energy-efficient and is powered by bight, low-power LEDs for the ultimate touchless experience.

SensorBeam illumination projection mapping technology

Completely touchless dispense.

With no extra parts, pedals or components which need cleaning, SensorBeam offers completely touch-free dispense for the ultimate in hygiene and infection control. Safe, touchless hygiene in every pour.

Person walking up to water cooler in modern office
Compatible dispensers.

Elevate your

Compatible with the E4 and E6 water dispensers and built into the luxurious E7 floor standing dispenser, add SensorBeam touchless dispense to your filtered water dispenser and elevate the experience of pouring a glass of water into something magical. The future of water dispensing is here, and it is beautiful.

E4 E6 Borg & Overstrom water coolers with Sensorbeam touchless dispense


  • E-series.

    3-way dispense

  • E-series.

    4-way dispense

  • E-series.

    4-way dispense

  • SensorBeam®


    Dispense options SensorBeam® accessory Silver base cabinet Black base cabinet
    Chilled Only 720539 720230 720225
    Chilled, Ambient 720549 720230 720225
    Chilled, Ambient & Hot 720559 720230 720225
    Chilled, Sparkling & Ambient 720569 720230 720225
    Chilled, Sparkling, Ambient & Hot 720579 720230 720225
    Chilled, Sparkling & Hot 720589 720230 720225

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