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An essential bottle-less drinking water fountain.

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Dispensing fresh, chilled, filtered water, where it is needed most.

Built at an ideal height for both adults and children, the B3 also features a hygienic touch-sensitive control panel, a dispense area large enough for re-fillable bottles, pair with a tamper-proof rear cover guard for added safety.

Ultra-hygienic touch panel

The B3 water cooler dispenser features a touch-sensitive control panel, designed to significantly enhance hygiene for users. Completely flush with no buttons to harbour germs and other contaminants, the console is easy to use to access instant premium water.

High-capacity dispense area for bottles and jugs

The high-capacity dispense area is designed to accommodate sports bottles and jugs to keep the whole team hydrated and reduce the requirement for disposable cups. The B3 provides chilled, ambient and instant hot water.

Sealed, hygienic, direct-chill cooling system

Direct Chill utilises innovative technology to chill water instantly. We recommend this system for more demanding environments because of its optimum dispense performance and unrivalled hygienic qualities. Borg & Overström’s B3 is water machine technology, perfected.

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Integrated cup dispenser

Office water coolers that include a carbonated water maker represent the zenith of dispenser design – Borg & Overström therefore perfected every element of the B3 over a series of months before launching the appliance. Such attention to the finer details resulted in advanced features such as the integrated cup dispenser, for a convenient and efficient self-serve experience.

Totality® is our unique methodology designed to ensure our appliances provide an exceptional standard of hygiene.

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Hands-free water dispenser foot switch

Reduce the risk of contamination and keep people safe. The hands-free dispenser foot switch is compatible with the B3.2 and B4.2 models (including counter-top). It’s also available as a two-way or three-way options. This is an optional accessory which can be retrofitted by an engineer or qualified technician.

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  • Chilled temperature

    Max 11°C

  • Hot temperature

    Minimum 80°C

  • Chilled & Sparkling water

    Litres per hour

  • Hot water

    Litres per hour

  • Dispense height


  • Floorstanding

    Water system - Direct Chill

    Dispense Options Water system Max power consumption Silver Black
    Chilled & Ambient Direct Chill 100W 104021View 104023View
    Chilled, Hot & Ambient Direct Chill 550W 104031View 104033View
    Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling Direct Chill 140W 104051View 104053View
    Chilled, Hot & Sparkling Direct Chill 640W 104041View 104043View

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners