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Architects 3D CAD STEP EPRT SLDPRT files


Use of these CAD drawings is permitted only for the aid of marketing, promoting and selling the Borg & Overström products and services. They can be used within architects drawings, films and animations as long as the drawings, films and animations contain a credit to Borg & Overström, and if possible the Borg & Overstrom logo, and do not portray the Borg & Overström brand, services or products in a bad light.
The connection ports for electricity, water, CO2 are designed to be positioned accurately, but please use as an indicative representation only. Borg & Overström cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from misplaced service connections.

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The designs are IP of Borg & Overström and must not be copied, edited or defaced in any way.
For further details, permissions or queries contact Borg & Overström Marketing support services on +44 (0)1362 695 006.

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