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10 things you didn’t know about sparkling water


We’ve all enjoyed the pleasant fizz of the sparkling stuff, but do we know what’s behind our glass? We’ve found 10 fascinating facts about your favourite fizzy beverage.

1. Sparkling water is created when high gas pressure and low temperature causes carbon to dissolve in water.

2. By dissolving carbon in water, carbonic acid is created. This is what gives sparkling water its slight tart note.

3. When the temperature is raised or the pressure is reduced (such as the opening of a can), carbon dioxide escapes from the water in the form of bubbles.

4. Some artesian wells, such as Selters in the German mountains, produce naturally occurring effervescent mineral water, that is similar to sparkling water.

5. Artificially sparkling water was created for the first time in 1750, by Gabriel Francois Venel.

6. Modern sparkling water is created by passing pressurised carbon dioxide through water.

7. The introduction of sparkling water actually changed the way people drank alcohol, allowing people to dilute spirits and therefore drink socially.

8. Adding sparkling water to ‘short’ drinks, such as spirits, dilutes them and makes them ‘long.’

9. Increasingly, sparkling water is being used in cooking. It decreases oxidation in vegetables, and makes batters rise with a fluffy texture.

10. Studies have found that drinking a glass of sparkling water after eating a meal can help to ease indigestion.

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