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5 top tips for increasing office hydration in the summer months

Being adequately hydrated can raise your productively levels massively. The University of Connecticut (2010), found that even a dehydration level of 1-2% causes a decrease in cognitive function. When hydrated, your mind is increasingly alert and focused. Proper hydration increases the sympathetic nervous system (Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, 2010), which is responsible for your ‘Fight or Flight System’. This navigates how we respond to situations, whether we ‘fight’ problems, or run away from them in ‘flight’.

As we edge closer to the middle of the year, and the temperatures increase, maintaining hydration levels increases in difficulty. Hot weather leads to higher perspiration levels, meaning we lose fluid much more rapidly. In some office environments, this is countered by turning up the air conditioning system. However, this can be risky too. Excess air conditioning can speed up moisture evaporation from our skins and lungs, and cause contact lens wearers a great deal of discomfort.

If you’re a reluctant, or forgetful, water drinker, never fear. We’ve got some great tips to keep you hydrated over the summer months.

1. Spice up the flavour

If the taste of plain water is too much for you, there’s an easy solution – change it! Opt for a watercooler with a sparkling dispense option for an alternative hydration sensation. As well as providing your taste buds with a pleasant fizz, drinking sparkling water can help you to lose weight. A 2012 study found, that individuals who drink sparkling water on an empty stomach feel fuller than those who drink still water, and therefore eat a reduced amount of food (Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, 2012). If you’d like to learn more about sparkling water, you can read more here, or browse our machines with sparkling options here.

2. Include your food

It’s a little known fact, that around 20% of our daily water intake comes from the food we eat. Nibbling on fruit like watermelon (92% water), or grapefruit (91%) water, as well as vegetables like cucumber (at a whopping 96% water), will go a long way to contributing to your fluid levels, as well as allowing you to increase your vitamin intake.

3. Remind yourself

Most people don’t hit their water target because they simply forget. But do not fear, there are apps available to help you! Apps like Carbodroid, Waterlogged, and Daily Water Free will keep track of how often you drink, as well as reminding you when you’re falling behind. For a less high tech reminder, draw measurement lines and time restrictions on the bottle you drink from.

4. Update your receptacle

Don’t tell me you’re drinking out of a plain old glass or plastic disposable bottle? If you update your drink receptacle with an eye-catching alternative, you’ll be sure to drink from it more often. If you’re particular about your office design, choose to showcase your brand in the boardroom or on your desk with a branded flip-top bottle from Borg & Overström; these are available in either 500ml or 750ml options.

5. Hydrate alternatively

We require around eight glasses of fluid per day, but these don’t have to be through plain water. If your watercooler offers a hot water dispense option, you can experiment with herbal and fruit teas, which can provide a variety of health benefits, as well as alternative flavours! Many Borg & Overström watercoolers offer a hot dispense option, and you can browse them here.

However you hydrate, the most important thing is to make sure to do it! Equip your workplace with a water dispenser, to provide an accessible, easy to use, source of hydration. Whether you favour sparkling, chilled, ambient, or hot water, you can find the ideal water dispenser for your workplace in our specifier here

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