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6 things you may not know about Borg & Overström

Shh! Whilst we love to talk about our beautiful water dispensers (you can browse them here) and our innovative accessories range (a sample of which can be seen here), in today’s blog, we’re letting you in on a few secrets about Borg & Overström, including our academy, our products, and even our team! 

Borg & Overström began our story in 2001, and we’ve been growing rapidly ever since. To find out a little more about us, read on! 

1. An exclusive academy

Our mission, here at Borg & Overström, is to empower our partners to achieve more. Our mission is infused in everything we do, and nowhere is this more evident than in our academy, in Manchester. We have tailored specific academy sessions to help our partners progress in the areas they request. Our specified academy days include; 


Sales academy sessions

We’ve always had a strong and proactive sales approach at Borg & Overström, and we love sharing our know-how. In our sales academy sessions, our sales veterans offer their expertise on how and why to keep a sales pipeline full, as well as how to set up a simple pipeline tracking system.


Product training academy sessions

We’re proud of our products, as we know they’re the most well designed, and high functioning, water dispensers available. We leap at any opportunity to show our products off, and our product training academy session is such an opportunity. We have a showroom packed with fully functional models of all our water dispensers, in the product academy session we showcase how each model works, providing explicit guidance on how to sell each cooler, and outlining why they have been designed for specific market sectors


Marketing training academy sessions

A coherent marketing strategy can make an enormous difference to your bottom line. In this academy session, we enable attendees to create a basic marketing strategy, allowing them to develop their company as a brand and engage with your customers, to allow the best conversion results.


Service training workshop sessions

The most hands on of all our academy sessions; the service training workshop teaches the operational function of our machines, following through installation and commissioning processes. Our trained experts explain how to install and maintain a Borg & Overström water dispenser, allowing attendees to diagnose and repair common faults.


2. A tale of two cities

Our Borg & Overström team is spread across two lovely cities within the UK; Manchester, and Norwich. 

Our home base, in Norwich, is where our production, operations, finance, marketing, and sales departments live. We also have a Borg & Overström showroom, which offers the opportunity to get to grips with our products, their unique selling points and placement within the market, as well as understand the mechanism behind them, the Direct Chill system.

Norwich is a vibrant and unconventional city in the East of England, home to two universities, a maze of independent retaillers, and a thriving art and culture scene. If you’d like to find out a little more about this fantastic city, visit the Trip Advisor page here

Our academy is located in Wilmslow, Manchester, just ten minutes away from Manchester Airport. Once our visitors complete their academy days, we strongly advise them to take some time to get to know the fantastic city of Manchester. Listed in The Lonely Planet as the eighth best city to visit in 2016, Manchester is bursting at the seams with places to visit, from getting your culture on at The Lowry Gallery, to educating yourself at the Museum of Science and Industry. Find out more of Manchester’s many attractions at The Lonely Planet, here.


3. Trade only 

 Borg & Overström operate on a 100% trade only basis. This means we sell to stockists, as opposed to end users. We work with our customers to set them up as approved Borg & Overström distributers, providing them with the training and know-how they need to progress their own business through ongoing support and our academy sessions. 


4. Our secret weapon

We are confident that a Borg & Overström watercooler is the most logical, environmental, and price efficient choice. What makes us so sure? We have a secret weapon, it’s called our Direct Chill system. The Direct Chill system utilises advanced cooling technology to ensure your water is both hygienic and fresh. Many water systems chill water gradually over time, and store it in a container. The Direct Chill system takes water directly from the supply source, and chills it in a coil on its way to the dispenser faucet. This ensures your water is fresh, and reduces the impurity levels in your water. If you’d like to find out a little more about our exclusive Direct Chill technology, read our blog here


5. We love our team

What sets Borg & Overström apart from the competition, and helps to make our products unique, is our strong sense of culture. We know that the success of our products and our business relies wholeheartedly on the people at the centre of our organisation, namely, our staff.

It’s safe to say we are pretty proud of each person within the Borg & Overström team. Their unique skills and personalities are what help us to achieve above and beyond, and also what makes working here so much fun. If you’d like to read a little more about our brilliant team, follow this link


6. You can find us on social media!

As well as keeping in contact with our customers and end users via direct communication, we like to share our latest news and updates via social media. You can find us on Twitter, at @borgoverstrom, on Facebook, at @borgandoverstrom, on Instagram, at @borgandoverstrom, as well as on our dedicated YouTube channel, Borg and Overstrom. Give us a follow or like today! 


You’re reading an article from the Borg & Overström Academy programme.

Borg and Overström are a manufacturer, and trade-only supplier, of innovative, quality, water systems.

We take pride in working with our clients to help them to develop their businesses, providing tailored sales, marketing, and technical training and advice.

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners