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How Drinking Water Can Help Achieve A Totality Healthy Lifestyle

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It’s no secret – water is at the core of all aspects of health and well-being and is essential to life. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or social health, staying hydrated is crucial to a productive and healthy lifestyle.

For over 20 years, Borg & Overström have inspired healthy change through the design-led manufacturing of digital water systems. Enhancing your experience with Totality® protection, we make certain that every glass of water you have is as healthy and refreshing as possible.

Water At The Heart Of Health: How Hydration Benefits A Healthy Lifestyle?

In the modern fast-paced society, staying hydrated can often be overlooked. From workouts to working days, getting the best out of your hydration is pivotal to all facets of living a healthy lifestyle.

Here are just 5 ways how staying hydrated will optimise your journey to better well-being and healthier living.

1) Improved Fitness Through Better Hydration

A woman resting after a workout, hydrating with a clear water bottle that she is holding.

From visiting your local gym’s spin class to completing home workouts, we have all invested both time and money out of our lives in an attempt to become healthier. Whether it’s a gym subscription, an advanced Peloton bike, or even an Apple watch that tracks your heart rate, each of us can see the benefits of investing in fitness aids.

Naturally, however, to achieve these forms of fitness, staying hydrated is the answer that can fly under the radar. Just as we would invest in the latest running shoes or featured supplements, those who want to propel themselves further should demand more from their water and invest in pure hydration. Fresh and filtered water is the hydration of choice and root to wholesome health, allowing you to finally beat that personal best!

2) Water As The Main Ingredient For Healthy Nutrition

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Whether you’re trying to cut down on the consumption of red meats, following the better foods guide to embrace eating local produce, or have signed up to a Mindful Chef subscription to maintain healthy eating and portion sizes, water is the fundamental, non-negotiable, ingredient that our bodies need to flourish.

Balancing our consumption with healthy meats, optimal proteins, and clever carbs, equates to very little without the suitable hydration to see you through the day. From Alain Ducasee to the food critic Melissa Hemsley, clean and fresh water stands out as the underlying and consistent element to essential nutrition – our bodies physically call out for it – and is our instinctive source back to nature, health, and well-being.

3) Water As The Foundation For Skin Care

A brown haired women looking into a clear glass of water that is positioned next to her skin-care products

With your body’s make-up containing 60% water, it comes with no surprise that hydration plays a significant role in our appearance, improving complexion and maintaining a fresh and healthy glow.

Today, however, a ‘good’ skin routine consists of a cleanser, serum, moisturiser, and much more! Glamour Magazine, Professional Beauty, and Refinery29 have all captured the vast range of expenditure that we’re all prepared to spend on hair, beauty and aesthetic treatments (ranging from £200 – £1000 a year) all in the search for healthy looking skin.

But while we all invest in creams and facial treatments to achieve that desired aesthetic glow, we can often overlook how crucial staying hydrated is in enhancing our natural look.

Staying hydrated cleans our body of toxins and is the healthiest approach to improved appearance. So, before spending thousands on enhancing the outer shell – ensure your beauty is more than skin deep by hydrating with fresh filtered water – prioritise enhancing the foundations for natural, healthy skin.

4) Better Hydration To Achieve Better Sleep 

A clear glass of water placed on a night stand

During sleep, your body works hard to support healthy brain function, growth, and maintain your physical fitness. As such, the way you feel while you are awake, from the amount of energy you have to your ability to concentrate, depends on the success of your sleep.

Hydration directly links with this success, for maintaining a good level of hydration helps regulate body temperature, prevent nocturia, and can relieve other symptoms like midnight leg cramps! In essence, staying hydrated can help achieve a healthy amount of undisturbed sleep that, in turn, provides a stronger foundation to springboard a more focused and healthy approach to your everyday life.

5) Healthy Hydration Helps Maintain Positive Mental Health

A man drinking a glass of water

Mental well-being is a complex construction with many moving parts, however, staying hydrated can be the first step towards improving well-being.

As we know, drinking water and staying hydrated provides your body with the sustenance it needs for all cognitive activities. While dehydration can cause a vast array of symptoms that consolidate negative feelings and exhaustion, both physically and mentally, studies by the National Library of Medicine have shown that staying hydrated has been linked to a decreased risk of depression and anxiety.

Fundamentally, as evidenced by Harvard School of Public Health, water is crucial for many reasons: to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Simply, by prioritising your hydration, you will see benefits in your energy levels, cognitive awareness, and overall constitution.

Achieving Better Health Through Better Water With Totality Assurance

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As we’ve seen, water is essential to our health. It is the vital nutrition we need in our day-to-day lives and is especially crucial in the journey to a healthy and active lifestyle. It, therefore, goes without saying that the better the quality of the water you drink, the increased benefits to your health and well-being. With our Totality® hygiene assurance, you know that with every pour you are optimising your health with fresh, great tasting, filtered water.

Here is how Totality® will help you reach your wellness goals through simply better water:

Totality® protection is Borg & Overström’s approach to healthier and cleaner water. Carefully developed to relieve your mind of worry and to provide fresh, filtered and clean water, Totality® provides protection inside and out. From Dry Chill technology®, carbon filtration, and impact resistant Finyl®, to silver-ion antimicrobial protection, minimised bacteria, and the removal of residue. From touch to taste, Totality® ensures complete hygiene protection so you can be confident that water from a Borg & Overström dispenser is as safe as it is refreshing.

So, whether you find yourself at a gym needing to quench your thirst with a refreshing gulp of water, or at the office workplace looking to concentrate your focus, Totality®’s 5-fold methodology helps ensure you receive fine filtered water wherever you are.

No matter how you enjoy your water – sparkling, hot, from a glass, or in a bottle – with Totality® protection you can rest assured knowing that the water you’re drinking is fresh, filtered, and is the hydration choice for you.

A Borg and Overström B3 dispensing chilled water into a clear glass.

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