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Borg & Overström joins Dubai Can initiative

An exclusive word from our partner in sustainability

The Dubai Can initiative was first announced in February and has since swept across Dubai, signalling to the wider water industry that the future will be defined by sustainable solutions. 

Dubai Can is already an entrenched institution, with its own Facebook page, Instagram account and section on Visit Dubai. Incoming tourists are informed about its importance and all 34 refilling stations are up and running. Local businesses from all sectors of the water industry have been integrated into it, revising their existing business practices around water conservation and proposing new solutions. 

Borg & Overström’s part to play in this story comes thanks to Eurocoffee UAE – a distributor and partner of ours. Eurocoffee shares our vision for sustainable business practices, and have placed our dispensers at the forefront of the market to serve as an example. 

A word from our distributor in Dubai

Dubai’s refilling stations mapped out for tourists and residents to find

We spoke with Will Muggleton, UAE Area Manager for Eurocoffee. He told us that they were approached by the Dubai’s Tourism board. 

The board reached out to us and asked us to join with Dubai Can. They wanted us to show our support for saving the environment and helping the emirate to a future free of single-use plastics. 

Will says that by promoting Dubai Can, he hopes that the global water industry can gain “a wider understanding of the impact we are having on the environment and the tools to improve it.” 

Will also hopes that Dubai-based companies can see this as definitive proof that mains-fed water is the only way forward. “The government is supporting mains-fed water solutions, led by assurances that the water running through Dubai is safe and clean.” 

Dubai famously relies on high levels of desalination, which is only possible in the long term with a thriving, healthy ecosystem and reduction of needless energy wasted. It appears the government has acknowledged the systemic issue of water and plastic waste as requiring a widespread systemic solution. Putting pressure on the individual consumer to phase out their own single-use plastics and frivolous misuse of water may be necessary, but such an undertaking is inseparable from a mobilisation of political and corporate entities.   

You can learn more about Borg & Overström’s pro-sustainability practices and campaigns on our Learning Centre, or contact a member of our sales team if you too would like to work with a green company.    

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