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Borg & Overström Joins In With The Green Earth Appeal’s Tree Planting Programme

Borg & Overström has been issued with a certificate of support for the environmental programme which is operated by The Green Earth Appeal.

After choosing to make a donation to offset the carbon footprint of the paper cups we supply our customers with, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a thank you from The Green Earth Appeal and notes of just how far our donation can help.

Offset The Carbon of the Cups – By planting a tree you are offsetting the carbon emissions generated in the supply of the cups.

Stop Desertification – Plant a tree on deforested land and the root systems draw water to the surface and regenerate the soil.

Provide Food For Underprivileged Children – By planting fruit trees in Africa, Asia or South America you help provide sustainable sources of food for the communities who plant the trees.

Education In The Developing World – Educate farmers and their communities about agroforestry, which is how to use their farmland efficiently to ensure sustainable maximum yields year after year.

borg & overström would like to assist in supporting this cause further, if you wish to donate toward the UNEP – United Nations Billion Tree Campaign please contact us or visit the campaign’s website to donate directly here.

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