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Introducing the Borg & Overström Learning Centre

A central hub for the watercooler industry

The Borg & Overström Learning Centre is now live. This standard-setting well of resources pools decades of collective knowledge, experience and innovation. It is made possible by the diverse talent of our team and an always-inspiring contribution of our partners. 

What can you find in the Learning Centre?  

Distributor support

The story of Borg & Overström has been made possible by our distributors. This Learning Centre is overflowing with sales support, exclusive insights and proven methods for satisfying your customers in an ever-changing market.   

End-user support

Here you can learn the how and why of acquiring, maintaining and upgrading office water dispensers. The facilities manager of today seeks a premium product for a healthy, focused workforce. Water is an essential, but no one should have to settle for the standard.

Monitoring industry trends

Come here to place your finger on the pulse of the market. Learn what leading brands and figureheads are saying, doing and planning. Gain the confidence to step in and make a difference in the wider world of the water industry.  

Find the water dispenser you need

Whether using or selling, this is the place where you can get all the details on which product is best for your needs and goals for professional excellence. Read our articles, stay ahead with breaking news and explore manuals, model comparisons and exploded diagrams.  

Get answers to your most specific questions

There are no stupid questions. More importantly, there are no unanswerable questions. The Learning Centre is a safe place for every query, entry level to advanced – one that professionals from all over the world can rely on to deliver for them. 

If you’re curious about this one-stop place for combined encyclopaedic knowledge within the water industry, get in touch today. Learning never ends, and we look forward to hearing your voice added to this process. 

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners