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Borg & Overström: “What’s in the T1 box?”

You’ve spent your time and resources researching the perfect product for you, and what proceeds? … An inevitable wondering about what you should expect when your delivery arrives.

We’ve all been there. Asking, “what exactly will be included in my delivery?” Well, here at Borg & Overström, we never want you to be out of the loop.

In our ‘What’s in the box’ series, we provide you with all the information, and show you precisely what you will find when your Borg & Overström delivery arrives.

Today’s instalment in our ‘What’s in the box’ series sees an unboxing of the Borg & Overström T1 tap system. Here, we give you a first class seat as we open up a T1 fresh out of the box, showing you the complete list of what you will find in a T1 delivery.


The fully packaged T1 tap system will arrive in up to five boxes. Shared between these boxes, you will find:

  • A T1 tap assembly
  • An undercounter ProCore® unit
  • A Simple-fit Ventilation Base
  • A T1 drip tray
  • Your install kit

Now we have our boxes, let’s open them up and take a look at all the specifics!

T1 tap assembly

Starting with the Tap itself, in this box you will find the T1 tap assembly. Inside you will find all the fittings to assemble your T1 tap, including:

  • 1x T1 with Control Panel
  • 1x 1.0m x 6mm Insulated Water Pipe
  • 1x Connector Cable
  • 1x Fixings Set

The ProCore® Unit

The undercounter unit, namely, the high-powered ProCore® or ProCore+ depending on the model you’ve selected, comes in its own box.

Inside you will find:

  • An assembled ProCore® (with a removable protective film on the front panel)
  • The ProCore® unit’s (2.0m) power cord set.

Note: If you order a T1 with the sparkling option, a carbonation kit will also come in the undercounter unit box. In this case, added alongside your ProCore® unit, you will also receive a Deep Sparkle CO2 cylinder.

Simple-fit Ventilation Base

In the box, what you will find is:

  • 1x ventilation chimney (this will fit on the back of your ProCore® unit)
  • 1x Simple-fit Ventilation Base itself
  • 1x cutting template with the appropriate fixings

The Ventilation base will sit on the bottom of your cabinet, behind the door. You only require one cut out behind this lip – saving on both time and space – and can view our how-to video for detailed instructions on how to use this template.

T1 Drip Tray

The T1 tap system is iconic for its versatility. With a T1 tap system, you can choose to install the T1 over a sink, or opt for the T1 Drip Tray which allows you to install your T1 anywhere.
If you chose to opt in for the versatility the Drip Tray provides, your T1 Drip Tray will come in its own personal box. Inside you will find:

  • Drip tray assembly
  • Waste pipe
  • Fixing kit

T1 Install Kit

In the final box, you will find your install kit. The content of this box will vary depending on which model you order, however, the install kit will i​​nclude everything you need to connect your tap system to the water supply. Inside you will find:

  • 1x 3M™ filter cartridge
  • 1x 3M™ filter head
  • 1x Waterblock leak-prevention device
  • 1x (2m) blue tubing
  • The essential fittings for connecting your tap system to the water feed.

Are you ready for your Borg & Overström delivery?

Now we’ve unpacked these boxes together, you have an in-depth understanding of exactly what you’ll receive when you order a Borg & Overström T1 tap system.

Here at Borg & Overström, we understand the importance of your time. Being a design-led innovative manufacturer of premium water solutions, we have the resources to answer any question you might have. So, if there is anything you want to know – contact us – our expert staff are ready and waiting to help.

If you’re interested in learning more about the T1, visit our comparison article where we compare the T1 tap system against the T2 and highlight all the benefits and drawbacks between the two tap systems.

For more information about the installation process of the T1 tap system or any of its components, visit our learning centre and view our how-to videos.

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