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Competition time!

Here at Borg & Overström, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our fantastic water coolers in use. That’s why, over the next month, we will be running a competition to find our Borg & Overström coolers at work.

Nothing gives us, at Borg & Overström, more pleasure, than seeing our watercoolers installed and put to good use. We’re lucky enough to have customers from across the globe; from our neighbors in the UK, to our friends in France, Norway, and even the Carribbean! We are able to meet the needs of so many customers by offering machines that are reliable, well designed, and efficient. Customers can choose the machine that works best for them, whether they prefer to hydrate with sparkling, still, or even hot, water, whether they need a free standing device, or one that sits comfortably on the kitchen counter, we are proud to stock a machine that will suit them. (If you’d like to discover which of our machines would best suit you, try out our specifier, here


The competition 

Over the next month, we want to see your best photos of your Borg & Overström water coolers at work! Whether Direct Chill or Bottle Top, tap configuration or hidden dispense, take a snap of your dispenser and send it our way. 

We’ll be picking our favourite photo to win a mystery prize, so try your best to catch our eye! You may like to include our branded Borg & Overström bottles, get your team involved, or show us something characteristic to your local area. 


How to enter 

Entering our competition could not be simpler. You can send us your photo via our Twitter and Facebook accounts, or directly via email, at [email protected] 

You have until the 11th of August to send us your photo, we can’t wait to see them! 




Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners