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Deep Sparkle: The science of fizz

Customers tell us that Borg & Overström sparkling water has a good ‘pop’ and delivers longer-lasting, refreshingly bubbly water. Discover the science behind Deep Sparkle®.

Why warm soda loses its fizz

Have you noticed that warm soda almost always tastes flat? It lacks the intensely satisfying fizz and taste of a soda straight from the fridge.

As soon as you open a soda, undissolved CO2 begins escaping from the liquid. But this process happens faster at a higher temperature, so warm soda loses its fizz more quickly than cold. The same is true with sparkling water dispensed from a water dispenser.

Sparkling water needs high-pressure saturation and be kept cold to slow the escape of gas once the water is exposed to the air. The secret is the fast recovery rate of our water dispensers and the good absorption of CO2.

The secret to longer-lasting sparkling water

Sparkling water would become less fizzy if the dispensed water were to get warmer after each glass was dispensed. It would also lack that full carbonated taste because you need a low temperature to change the pH level of the water and bring out the tart flavour.

Borg & Overström water dispensers have efficient cooling systems with a fast recovery rate. This means that water is dispensed at a consistent temperature glass after glass producing larger volumes of lower temperature water.

A fast recovery rate is how we ensure consistently chilled carbonated water. But for bigger bubbles, the water also needs good absorption of CO2. This is called saturation.

Bigger bubbles with a satisfying pop

The carbonation process is based on the principle that high pressure and low temperature maximise gas absorption.

Inside a Borg & Overström water dispenser, water is pumped at high pressure through a small nozzle into the refrigerated carbonation tank. The tank is pressurised and filled with CO2 gas.

Inside the tank, the jet of water breaks up into fine water droplets, increasing the surface area of the water and CO2 absorption. CO2 bubbles then combine inside the tank to form larger bubbles.

You may notice that sparkling water is even more bubbly when the water hasn’t been dispensed for a while. This is because the water has continued to absorb CO2, and larger bubbles have continued to form. The bigger the bubbles, the better the ‘pop’ sensation.

Add a bit of sparkle to your refreshment service

Adding sparkling water to your refreshment service will make your workplace more attractive and help entice employees back into the physical space. There is a growing trend for cold carbonated tea in addition to continued demand for low-sugar soda alternatives.

All Borg & Overström water dispensers and integrated taps have Deep Sparkle® sparkling water as an option. Deep Sparkle® is easily maintained with safe, easy to fit CO2 canisters. Visit our website for the full range or get in touch for more information

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