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Is it possible to descale our own hot water dispenser or do we need a professional?

Upkeep advice for end-users 

When it hits a certain age and level of usage, a hot water dispensing system may be prone to limescale build-up. We have recently received some inquiries from end-users over how to go about descaling their dispensers, with some asking how to do it themselves. 

In all cases, we advise getting a professional to oversee this, and any similar work on your machine. This is hardly an insurmountable problem, and the internet may be awash with quick fixes and home remedies, but we advise caution. You will not find descaling instructions in your product’s manual for good reason. 

And here’s why. 

Our distributors have their own service engineers lined up and ready to help. And this doesn’t just apply to descaling, but all forms of essential maintenance. Borg & Overström are manufacturers of water refreshment solutions. We don’t sell directly, we support our distributors to care and maintain products installed across the globe.

Like with other problems of cooler repair and treatment, we view prevention as the best fix. Fortunately, the distinctive ergonomic design of a Borg & Overström water dispenser allows for simple, straightforward cleaning.  

How can I get a professional to help?

If you know the contact details for your distributor, please get in touch with them directly.

If you’re having difficulty, we can help. All models come with a distinct serial number. When accessing any page on the Borg & Overström website, you will be immediately connected to a chat form, which in turn will connect you with a dedicated member of the Customer Excellence Team. Provide us with your machine’s serial number and we can inform your distributor, who will be in touch to arrange for a technician to attend to your request. This is true whether you rent your machine or have purchased it outright.

Our team has successfully proven able to provide help for hundreds of customers over the years with these problems. Bear in mind that the Customer Excellence Team here can and do provide bespoke technical support via our chat, but this is an occasion requiring an experienced pair of hands, not remote instruction.

If you would like to learn more about choosing, keeping and optimising the right water dispenser for your business, you can visit our Learning Centre. For all other enquiries, get in touch with our sales team today.  

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