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Distributor Stories: Aquacool Ltd

Celebrating a ten year business relationship 

Borg & Overström have been supplying refreshment solutions alongside Aquacool Ltd for ten years. During this time, we have had the great pleasure of mutually learning to navigate a constantly changing water industry. 

The Manchester-born Aquacool Ltd. now has five locations in the UK, enabling them to provide premium products for a huge devoted base of end-users.

Company founder and head John Redfern has been distributing with us since the bygone days of the B1 and B2. John was particularly fond of the timely manner in which we began developing sparkling water dispensers; a feature which now enthrals the industry. 

“Borg & Overström were the first people to start putting sparkling water options into machines at a reasonable cost,” he says.  

A good sparkling product at a reasonable price was a rare thing, it still is. It’s clear that Borg & Overström’s name recognition is well-earned. People can recognise Borg & Overström as a top-of-the-market water cooler. The service has been ace, especially when it comes to assisting us through problems. Other manufacturers shy away from problem-solving – or even acknowledging them, but it’s been smooth dealing with Borg & Overström’s transparency and honesty. 

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