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Effective UVC Sterilisation in Healthcare

UV-C light is a type of ultraviolet light which is highly effective at destroying germs. It can be used to sterilise surfaces, air, and liquids.

It’s particularly relevant to the healthcare sector where good infection prevention control (IPC) can reduce healthcare infections by 70%* and where infection control is extremely important for looking after patients and vulnerable people, to create a safe environment. Borg & Overström continuously strive to develop and incorporate new technologies to ensure the safest of drinking water dispensers.

In this article we’ll go through the advantages of using UV-C light sterilisation in the healthcare sector and explain why it’s so important for drinking water dispensers.

How does UV-C work? 

UVC rays have the shortest wavelength of the three main types of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC rays have the highest energy, and can destroy bacteria and viruses, (e.g. pathogens). It is a powerful means against decontamination because it destroys molecular bonds that bind the DNA of viruses and bacteria.

Why is UVC important within the healthcare environment? 

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) are unfortunately all too frequent which is why UV-C technology is so important and being readily pursued and developed to protect patients. The UV-light disinfection changes the cells within the bio-contaminants, therefore inhibiting the bacteria or virus from replicating and infecting patients. This can help immensely by reducing the number of superbugs, like MRSA. 

Healthcare establishments using this innovative UV-C technology find that their infection rates are lower, compared with those using standard operating protocol (SOP). As well as infection rates being lower, the use of this new technology is also resulting in lower costs for the healthcare sector by needing to treat less patients. 

How is UV-C sterilisation used within healthcare environments? 

UVC lamps are used in many applications within the healthcare environment, such as water, air and surface applications, to sterilize and, disinfect by quickly eliminating many viruses and bacterial particles; a huge benefit for protecting patients and preventing infection.  

What are the Benefits of UV-C? 

Ultraviolet light technology is both mercury-free and chemical-free, using eco-efficient low power UV-LEDs for maximum germicidal efficacy. The UVC radiation is proven to have powerful sterilisation properties and when used in hospitals and clinical environments, UV-C contributes to reduced levels of infections, through acting as a disinfectant supplement on contaminated surfaces. Some water systems still use traditional UV bulbs but these need replacing whereas with our Viondant® LED light provides longevity. 

UV-C sterilisation for drinking water 

At Borg & Overström we understand the importance of infection control in healthcare environments, and with this in mind, our dispensers are designed to mitigate the risk of both waterborne and surface transmission of bacteria and viruses at every opportunity. It’s important in water to eliminate the risk of any potential bacteria that may find its way into the water through the mains water supply or old pipe work, and which may be present in the supply to the machine. This ensures the water is safer than tap water. 

Viovandt® offers eco-efficient UVC for drinking water 

We have developed Viovandt® UV-C technology within our water dispensers, ensuring the water you drink is safe, fresh and free from harmful pathogens. Integrated Viovandt® eco-LED technology delivers superior infection control, using low-maintenance and low-power UV-LEDs for maximum germicidal efficacy, ensuring the water you provide is clean and safe to drink. It also eliminates the need to buy and change replacement bulbs. We’re dedicated to minimising infection risk at every instance. 

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E6 - Safe and hygienic drinking water dispensers

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* World Health Organisation’s Global Report on Infection Prevention and Control. 

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