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Facilities management and hydration solutions – Bringing together two underestimated essentials

Facilities management is a complex and often underestimated discipline that has a major role to play in the smooth running of events, buildings and institutions of all sorts right around the world.

Most of us take for granted the way in which office blocks, schools, hotels, shopping malls and convention centres function because they always do but the administrative and organisational processes that go on behind the scenes can be extensive and intricate to say the least.

Getting the right ingredients

Facilities management exists at the interface of a variety of other disciplines and brings together coordination efforts involving space, people and processes. None of which is easy but which we all rely on so much.

It is crucial if you’re in the field of facilities management or you are responsible for spaces used by many different people to plan ahead meticulously and to be prepared for any eventuality. You need the right ingredients in place at all times and water is always the most important ingredient of all.

Hydration solutions

Like facilities management itself, hydration solutions and water coolers are often taken for granted and overlooked because they’re so commonplace in so many different situations. But you can be sure that as soon as a water cooler goes missing or isn’t around for any reason, people suddenly start getting very thirsty and even a little agitated.

People in all manner of different settings want and need ready access to cool water and it is very often the job of facilities management professionals to ensure that they have it. The classic scenario in which water coolers are required is in office spaces but there are many other situations in which hydration solutions can make a big difference in keeping people happy and healthy.

In schools and hospitals for instance, water dispensers are worth their weight in gold and they help to keep people hydrated at crucial moments. It’s been shown that children are more attentive when they are able to stay well hydrated and hospitals have a duty of care to patients, staff and visitors, who all benefit from ready access to a water cooler system.

Providing the best

Whatever the setting and whatever your needs as a provider of facilities management services, Borg & Overström has water cooler solutions to meet your needs. Whether you have 1 or 100 premises to equip and whatever your scenario, we can help and we always deliver the very best.

We believe that water is the ultimate tool for creativity, productivity and health, which is why we’ve poured so much into the creation of our water coolers and dispensers. Our products are totally reliable, while also being exceptionally efficient, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We can help you reap the benefits of delivering water in the best possible ways whatever the demands of your situation. Our engineers are true experts in their field and our products have been painstakingly designed to deliver amazing results every time.


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