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Five ways a b5 will upgrade your workplace

We are proud of our water dispensers, and we love them all for different reasons, from the classic reliability of the b2, to the sleek discreetness of the u1. Today, we’re going to be discussing our most beautiful product, the b5. We’re covering the five ways that the b5 will upgrade your office.


1.Design perfection

We’re not ones to brag, but it cannot be denied that the b5 is a beautiful water dispenser. We’ve designed the b5 to be the perfect height for interaction, with inbuilt cup holders, and soft touch buttons, so that it not only looks like quality, it feels it too.


2.Direct chill technology

Our b5 contains something called, ‘Direct Chill’. The direct chill system utilises advanced cooling technology to ensure your water is both hygienic and fresh. Many water systems chill water gradually over time, and store it in a container. The direct chill system takes water directly from the supply source, and chills it in a coil on its way to the dispenser faucet. This ensures your water is fresh, and reduces the impurity levels in your water.

If you’d like to find out more about our direct chill system read our blog post about it here.


3.Safety and hygienic protection

There are some surprises we like; water leaking is not one of them. The b5 offers complete reassurance with a built-in leak detector and compact alarmed drainage system. As we’ve mentioned, our direct chill system provides water hygienically, and straight from the source, minimising the risk of impurities in your beverage. This is complemented by a shrouded faucet, which provides hygienic protection as the water is dispensed.  


4.Year round reliability

Whatever the weather, the b5 can offer you the ideal refreshment. In the cool winter months, warm up with a tea or coffee brewed with the b5’s hot water dispense option. When it’s warm outside, refresh with a glass of water chilled to perfection with our direct chill technology.



Whatever your h20 preference, the b5 will cater to you. This product offers pure chilled, ambient, sparkling, and hot water at the press of a button. The b5 is complemented by a large open dispense area, so that whatever your drinking receptacle, it will fit under the tap comfortably.

We also offer a great range of accessories to upgrade your b5 further. You can choose our sanitisation kit, to keep your cooler clean, as well as a wall bracket to ensure your b5 stays put.


We are confident that, whatever your environment, the addition of a b5 will offer style, variety, and reliability. Find out more about the b5, here

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners