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Fynil® – Protecting your hydration surfaces

The water you drink shouldn’t just taste fresh – it must be fresh and completely free of contamination. At Borg & Overström, users’ health is our top priority. That’s why we’ve developed a Totality® hygiene system for complete peace of mind, complementing our commitment to Direct Chill coolers as the safe way to dispense water. Our Totality® System consists of four key factors; Sterizen®, Viovandt™, 3M Filtration, and Fynil®. Today, we’re going to be discussing Fynil®, our surface protectant.

As we enter the winter cold and flu season, the cacophony of coughs and sneezes echoes around our offices and workplaces. It may seem inevitable that we’ll become affected, but it is not. Illnesses are spread via bacteria and viruses that live in our bodies, or on our hands – a typical office worker’s hands come into contact with a staggering 10 million bacteria per day. As we navigate the office and workplace, and interact with colleagues and friends, we pass these bacteria on.

80% of infections are transmitted via infected surfaces, this is where we will touch an infected surface, and then touch our eyes or mouth, at which point the bacteria will enter our bodies. Germs and viruses can linger on surfaces for extended periods of time, with the common cold lasting for up to 72 hours, and influenza surviving for up to 24 hours when on hard surfaces.

Here at Borg & Overstrom, the health and safety of our users’ is our top priority. This is what has led us to develop Fynil®, a surface protectant for all of our water dispensers. We understand that germs and bacteria are inevitable in any workplace, but as part of our Totality® range, we strive to significantly reduce any bacteria within your refreshment offering, to ensure you peace of mind with your hydration.

Bacteria can harbour within appliances within the cracks, crevices, and seams of the surface area. This is why we apply Fynil® as a finish to all of our water dispensers. Fynil® is an Epoxy resin panel finish, this means it has monolithic properties – it does not have seams and is resistant to cracking and impact, dramatically reducing the opportunities for bacteria to harbour on the surface of the appliance. This technology enables us to offer watercooler surfaces that are resistant to moisture, chemicals, limescale cohesion, and biofilm development.

Our Fynil® finish ensures your hydration is hygiene reduced – providing you with peace of mind, and providing your appliance with longevity. We offer Fynil® as a key component of our Totality® hygiene system, which when combined, is laboratory certified 99.999% bacteria reduced. If you’d like to find out more about how Totality® can significantly improve the refreshment hygiene in your workplace, contact us today.

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